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3.4 355 Ratings

Directed by : Tarsem Singh

Release Date : | Length : 110 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.7/5
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In Immortals, the ruthless King Hyperion leads his bloodthirsty army on a murderous rampage across Greece to find a deadly weapon that will destroy humanity. A mortal chosen by Zeus named Theseus must lead the fight against Hyperion and his evil army with the fate of mankind and the Gods at stake.


“A predictable storyline and an awful screenplay do their best to ruin Freida Pinto and Mickey Rourke’s latest Hollywood epic film Immortals. But the stunning visual effects make it a treat for the eyes. A one-time-watch!”

Immortals Audience Review


Rated 1.5 / 5
by Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Another mishmash that sources itself from Greek mythology and desperately struggles to come across as a picture that would like to place stringent emphasis on faith and moralities, director Tarsem Singh's Immortals is ingloriously gory, and unfortunately doesn't boast of an intriguing storyline to flatter its prospects.nnMickey Rourke plays King Hyperion - a brutally maniacal ruler of the Herakolian army who's on an equally ferocious hunt for a magical bow - referred in the film as the “Bow of Epirus”, which apparently possesses the robustness to uproot the bars where the Titan's have been trapped for centuries, which in turn will further aid him in effectively continuing the bloodbath and what else - attack the Gods and get done with them as well. To counter the steely, cold-as-ice antagonist is the villager-peasant Theseus (Henry Cavill), who is the “Choosen One” - as validated and mentored, albeit unknowingly, by the Gods themselves. Further who turns out to be of suitable help is the virginal oracle Phaedra (Frieda Pinto) who can see visions from the future.nnFor humanity to not get extinct, Hyperion must be fiercely dealt with, but can the power-greedy fanatic be defeated, without the interference of the Gods? And more significantly, can Gods be silent spectators as humanity is piercingly threatened of its existence? n'Immortals' dwells on these conflicts and climaxes with a bloody battle that is neither emotionally affecting, nor a gory feast. It is something boringly predictable, and choreographed in a haphazard fashion, an ending that is conspicuous of the poignancy of far superior products like Gladiator and Troy. nnThe set-up initially creates a smokescreen of abundant ambition, but there comes a stage, where screenwriters go for a stroll, infusing lousy lines, and lethargic movement, where only the visuals become the sole source of stimulation. nnBut all the striking imagery is undone with a plot that becomes too contrived, and changes focus abruptly without level-headedly deciding on its actual purpose. The coveted Bow of Epirus is momentarily seen and its prowess fractionally exploited, wherein it disappears to conveniently rest in the hands of Hyperion who hastily unleashes the Titans. And then, its existence is immediately deemed unworthy. Throughout, we never really are told as to what really is Hyperion aiming for, and why are his ways the way they are. This drastically depreciates the significance of our protagonist and Hero - Theseus, leaving us without a single strong character to root for. nnThe actors in the epic fantasy hinder the film even more - as, apart from Mickey Rourke - who lends his character the much required sinister nerve with an intimidating accent, the remaining acts border mediocrity without any soul in their bodies - Mortal or Immortal.

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