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Love You To Death

Love You To Death

3.1 291 Ratings

Directed by : Rafeeq Ellias

Release Date : | Length : 22 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.6/5
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Love You To Death is a comedy about love that does not exist, therapy that does not work and three murders waiting to happen!


“Love You To Death is a beautifully shot Hinglish film that feels more like a play due to its unusual treatment. It has a few decent performances too but is completely let down by its run of the mill script. A one-time-watch!”

Love You To Death Audience Review

ladki bhi kutta bhi supari bhi PHIR BHI BEKAAR

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Love You To Death is not that lovely like its title. It is promoted as an outrageous comedy in Hinglish. I am a simple writer but wanted to make sure before penning my thoughts why they used outrageous! My local dictionary gives me two meanings of outrageous. First one: Grossly offensive to decency or morality (causing horror). Second: Greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation.
I will go with the first option. Rating 2/5

Story :
Sonia, a rich zero-size married woman loves her Baby, her doggie and can spend any loads of money for her chronic depression (logic: dogs are no less than men a pure female perception). Sonia is married to Atul, a clumsy fellow trying to make it a big through collaboration with a Russian arms dealer. He fantasizes war but suffers from lack of male shakti. Moving ahead to finalize the collaboration, Atul needs money of Sonia. But she is intimated by muscular eco-friendly stud, John. John lives in self-made biosystem doing R&D; for generating green energy (but still cant term him as scientist). Sonia falls for her and wants to invest in his ambitious energy project. Conflict arises between Atul and Sonia and the love moved in their life towards death.
There are other plots also (cinema gang, doctors song, etc) but the story lacks conviction in coupling the different modules.

Simple Cast:
Chandan Roy Sanyal: plays Atul. He played the role of Mikhail in Kaminey. He has shades of good set pieces (one can even find a bit of Vijay Raaz in his performance). However, the role here did not match upto his potential.
Yuki Ellias: plays Sonia. Movie belongs to her. She enjoys the maximum screen possession. She also contributed in directing and script. She looks a bit too thin on screen (and thus, sometimes you dont take her seriously even when it is needed). Acting is satisfactory, sometimes over.
Suhasini Mulay: regular. Nice to see a bit of vamp in her here. Refreshing.
Sheeba Chadha & Sohrab Ardeshir: talent appreciated.
Doggies They too have a considerable screen presence. Some were cute (Baby, owned by Sonia) and some were huge (Tiny, owned by John).

As a marketer, I can clearly define the problem for LYUD. A confused positioning. The movie is not hilarious, forget outrageous. The movie though does highlight some environment issues and if you are a science guy who used to see NASA videos how they use algae to produce energy, then you might just appreciate the story. Otherwise, the script is not excitedly. The script should have paced itself faster and brought in it some thrill (something like the movie Shor In The City!).

What works: a different Hinglish feel, environment & energy awareness
What not: script, pace, entertainment awareness

AG verdict: in the Oscar month, you will surely get better options. Stay alert and keeping watching this section for more.

Smart Trivia: Who do you think is Svetlana in the movie? Guess!

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