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Megamind 3D

Megamind 3D

3.4 336 Ratings

Directed by : Tom McGrath

Release Date : | Length : 95 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.2/5
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Megamind is the most brilliant super-villain the world has ever known, and the least successful. Over the years, he has tried to conquer Metro City in every imaginable way - each attempt, a colossal failure thanks to the caped superhero known as


“A must watch for those who love animation, but might not be equally amusing for others!”

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Brad Pitt

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Rated 3.5 / 5

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Animation movies take double the time and effort to make than its non animated counterparts. They are always expected to be super funny and invoke the child in you. Megamind full fills all the expectations that you would have from an animated film. Not only does it give us several laughs, it also bundles in a very unique funny storyline. Kudos to writers Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons.

The story starts when two children from outer space are sent to earth with their respective destinies. One turns out to be a super hero "Metroman" and the other decides to become a super villain "Megamind". Megamind is a clumsy bad guy who just happens to kill "Metroman" by fluke in one of their wars. After his victory he is elated and takes over the city. But all his happiness and excitement abates in a couple of months when he starts missing the fights with "Metroman".So he decides to create a superhero using Metroman's DNA. This superhero though, turns out to be nothing like Megamind's imagination and is hell bent on destroying metrocity. Hence the city needs Megamind to save them from this new villain. Will a new hero emerge from the evil wicked brains of a villain is to be seen.

The soft side of a villain is brilliantly shown in the opening portions of the movie. This movie is one of the rare instances where the story is shown through the eyes of a villain and that is the linchpin of humor holding this film together. The screenplay is brilliant. The dialogs are super funny and so is the background score. My personal favorite was that Megamind keeps naming his secret codes with entire descriptions.

On the flip side, the pace kind of drops in the second half. The love angle between Megamind and Roxanne was not shown well enough.

Will Ferrell, the funny man, is awesome as Megamind. So is Tina Fey as Roxanne the reporter. Bradd Pitt was the perfect voice for Metroman.

The director, Tom Mcgrath was involved in the Madagascar series as well and you can definitely see a similar sort of style here as well. Its a job well done and its another feather in the cap for Dreamworks productions.

Overall its a fun experience.

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Repeat value: 2 times.

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