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  • Vinay Yadav
    Vinay Yadav
    Rated 4.0 May 31, 2019

    BrightBurn Review

    Whole new concept of evil superhero or super villan. Every single time we see a superhero who saves lives but this time they almost got you and you... read more

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  • Vicky Washington
    Vicky Washington
    Rated 2.5 May 30, 2019

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters Review Bollywood is taking over

    Verdict - Just a one time watch, temper your expectations

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the sequel to the 2014 remake ‘Godzilla’. It stars Kyle Chandler, Vera Farminga, Millie Bobby Brown, Ken Watanabe... read more

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  • Madan Mohan Marwah
    Madan Mohan Marwah
    Rated 3.5 April 29, 2019

    The last of this popular franchise has mind boggling action and special effects

    Verdict - Will be a feast for the fans of this franchise

    This movie has broken records even with the advance booking and continues its run with stupendous success. For Russo brothers who have directed thi... read more

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  • Rahul Raj
    Rahul Raj
    Rated 5.0 April 18, 2019

    "Zachery Levi" The Champion

    In The Realm Of Superhero Films, After All Those Serious And Dark Plots We Had “Shazam”. A Lot Of Humor, Action With Zach Innit Is Loved By All. It... read more

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  • Taha Hussain
    Taha Hussain
    Rated 3.0 February 09, 2019

    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Review-

    Its fun, entertaining with lot of jokes. The musical animated sequel to lego movie has some really catchy songs that you can enjoy with family and ... read more

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  • Megna Santhosh
    Megna Santhosh
    Rated 4.5 January 09, 2019

    Aquaman Review

    Verdict - A Mesmerising Deep Dive into the Kingdom of Atlantis

    Every time a superhero movie hits the theatres; It happens to be around the same time I’am at my parent’s place. We wait till dad gets home, which ... read more

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  • Neha Rawal
    Neha Rawal
    Rated 4.0 January 06, 2019

    Rumble Of Emotions!

    Verdict - The best in the Transformer franchise

    Who isn’t a sucker for Blue round Iris full of vivid Emotions? We all have treated our gadgets, cars, vehicles etc with lot of love and emotion. If... read more

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  • Sangeet Jain
    Sangeet Jain
    Rated 4.0 December 24, 2018

    Spider Man at its Best..

    SPIDER MAN is one of the good movies released in the recent month ..it is amazing and has a good and world class animation..even the kids have enjo... read more

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  • Anupriya Mishra
    Anupriya Mishra
    Rated 3.5 December 09, 2018

    The Fault in Our Stars Review

    This little tragedy is based on the popular novel of the same name. The movie ever since it came out had been creating a buzz as the novel made a m... read more

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  • Anupriya Mishra
    Anupriya Mishra
    Rated 3.0 December 09, 2018

    Bad Teacher Review

    This is one school based movie that you wouldn’t want to sit with your family and watch. Cameron Diaz plays the role of Elizabeth who is a high sch... read more

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  • Siddhartha Gautam
    Siddhartha Gautam
    Rated 5.0 December 09, 2018

    One of the best superhero movies of the last decade

    I don't know why the average rating is 4 but the movie was just perfect, gal was fabulous, clearly it's the 2nd best superhero movie of all time af... read more

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  • Samarpita Yashaswini
    Samarpita Yashaswini
    Rated 3.5 December 03, 2018

    A laugh riot!

    A fun and frolic film. This film is based on two guys who literally live to crash weddings. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have a cracking chemistry.... read more

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