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  • Watch movie. Wash hands. Dont touch anything.

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - September 09, 2011 13:20 PM IST
    3.2DM (136 ratings)
    ContagionWatch trailerRelease date : September 09, 2011

    Nothing spreads like fear. That's the tag line of this film and the film succeeds in spreading that fear into the minds of it's audience.

    What's it about? - It's about how a virus plays havoc with the lives of people it affects till a cure or vaccine is found. Filled with A list stars who play cameos through the film, this is a multi starrer medical horror film. Yes i call it a horror because it scared me and not all horror stories need to be about ghosts. In this film a virus is the ghost which cannot be seen but goes on killing people at an alarming rate.

    Does it work for me ? - Yes

    Why? - I have a cold, cough & a bit of a sore throat and watching this film with these symptoms was a bit scary. In fact this film made me very conscious about the things I touched. Steven Soderberg has made an extremely engaging and involving medical horror film. Yet again music - the one thing that I enjoy the most in his films has been used not to give it a somber dark feel but it brings in an energy without which the film would have sounded drab. Cliff Martinez (music) is one of the stars of the film for me. He is working with Soderberg after a long time. Solaris was the last film they did together.

    A good film immediately puts me in a good mood after I watch it and that is how I test most of the films that I watch. I never thought watching a film about people dying of a virus will put me in that mood but this film does that. I had seen a glimpse of the fear that this film talks about during the swine flu scare. The larger part of the screenplay is about dealing with the situation at hand. But still the script manages to peep into the little human stories and that is what keeps the emotional connect going. Though some of the medical terms will be difficult to follow watching it with subtitles helped me manage well. Warner bros and Fox are two studios that release their English films with subtitles in India and I am one of the biggest supporters of the idea. Don't go looking at the stars in the film. They are there so that this film reaches to a larger audience. I liked Jude Law's character. Instead of the regular print or tv media the film had a blogger / freelance writer reporting the news.

    Final few words - Contagion is a fast paced horror film that has no ghost or supernatural element in it. The side effects can be that you will be very observant of what you touch and that will last for some time after the movie has ended.

    Rating - ***

    Ticket meter - Worth any amount.

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    Rated 2.5September 15, 2011

    salman is best actor of the in

    salman is best actor of the india.

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    Reasonable watch, though the e

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