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I, Tonya Review

  • Sushmita Dutta

    Sushmita Dutta (225 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 09, 2018 10:56 AM IST
    3.9DM (708 ratings)
    I, TonyaRelease date : March 09, 2018

    The movie which states to show the real story of Tonya Harding. Tonya Harding, a figure skater, having a mundane family life with her mother, aspires to be a figure skater. She becomes one of the most well known in her field, with her speciality being the triple axel. Although her career in figure skating was banned for life, after it was known that her husband attacked her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan. The movie shows the real truth that Tonya had no idea that this was all planned by her husband. Grabbing the audience's attentuon at times, the movie makes a mark in addressing Tonya Harding perfectly. When the incident occured, there was a huge outburst against her and the movie shows it fully. The whole making this movie a blast was Margot Robbie. She indeed went one to be a splitting image of Tonya herself. And it is indeed a complete blessing to watch this movie.