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  • Independence Day: Resurgence Review-

    Manik Saggar (13,949 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 24, 2016 02:09 AM IST
    3.2DM (1451 ratings)

    Verdict - Great Visual Effects Can't Hide Lack of Originality and Inspiration

    Independence Day: ResurgenceWatch trailerRelease date : June 24, 2016

    There is nothing wrong with Independence Day: Resurgence, per say. The performances are fine, the story has no gaping holes, visual effects are good--and that's the problem.

    The sci-fi film, which is a sequel to the 1996's Independence Day, suffers from unrelenting mediocrity. Like there is no room for any brash criticism for the film, similarly there is hardly anything in it that can be emphatically praised.

    Yes, the aliens come and the earth is in danger is an interesting premise. But it has also been done a million times before. So in order to make things truly watchable, something needed to be done that hasn't been attempted before--which filmmakers have failed to do here. Also, some of the dialogues are also very sub-standard.

    The same averageness can be found in every other department as well, with exception of the visual effects, which truly are breathtaking in few scenes in particular.

    It's hard to call the film as an opportunity missed as never did it feel that film had huge potential. Though, the film isn't hard to bear either. There are worse things to do than getting some popcorn and watching the film without many expectations.

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