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  • Red Alert

    Danish Bagdadi

    Desimartini | Updated - December 14, 2012 13:07 PM IST
    3.0DM (202 ratings)

    Verdict - Average Actioner

    Red DawnWatch trailerRelease date : December 14, 2012

    Hollywood churns out yet another remake, except this one's been sitting on the shelves for over two years. The original 'Red Dawn' came out in 1984 in the waning years of the cold war and featured the soviets as the primary aggressors who capture much of the United States after a daring invasion. While the remake was made originally featuring the Chinese as the primary antagonists, they were changed to the North Koreans keeping in mind the business which could be gotten from the Chinese markets.

    The opening montage explains via a series of news reports how North Korea has risen to a position of prominence and now is a major threat to world peace. The movie then jumps to the sleepy town of Spokane which wakes up to the sight of hundreds of planes dropping paratroopers who start capturing the town. Jed Eckhart (Chris Hemsworth) is back home on a leave from his duty as a marine in Afghanistan and he along with his brother Matt (Josh Peck) manage to flee the chaos into the woods. Other youngsters join them and try to lay low, but after their father, the town's police chief is executed right in front of their eyes, they decide “the best defence is offense”. They form a motley crew which starts striking back at their aggressors and with some training from Jed they are able to do well enough to gain a reputation and name themselves, Wolverines. The story from here moves towards securing a device which helps the Koreans communicate and may hold the key to neutralising their EMP device that can knock out other electrical devices.

    The movie's action sequences are deftly handled and do manage to generate a good amount of excitement. Director Dan Bradley however is dealt with a ham-fisted script that features some poor writing that makes some scenes unintentionally hilarious. The movie's short running length keeps things brisk and one death towards the end literally comes out of nowhere, leaving quite a surprise.

    Hemsworth has a commanding presence as always but Peck is downright whiny and irritating, maybe that's the memo he received for his character. The rest of the cast is adequate to say the least.

    Not a bad movie, but not a very good one either. This is pure, cheesy fun at its best and with some decent action scenes, anyway it's not like the original was a classic either.

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