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  • Bale'd out !!

    Gaurav Gadre

    Desimartini | Updated - February 25, 2011 11:41 AM IST
    3.6DM (179 ratings)
    The FighterWatch trailerRelease date : February 25, 2011

    Time and again Christian Bale proves to me that he is one of the finest actors of his generation. After playing the brawny batman he sheds weight like the wool on a sheep to get into the skin of the character. Although the title role is played by Mark Wahlberg, the film is more than just your normal story of the rise of an underdog boxer.

    Based on a true story, The Fighter is about 2 half brothers. Micky Ward played by Mark Wahlberg is a welterweight boxer who is trained by his half brother Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale). Micky is not particularly the best in the business and over time he becomes a stepping stone for other champions. Dicky on the other hand is famous for knocking out one of the best boxers in his time. Since giving up boxing, Dicky becomes a eccentric junkie who just cant keep his hands off the drugs. After the loss in an unprepared match, Micky decides he has had enough and moves on to a new trainer and manager in his quest to win the title. Dicky cannot handle this thought and fights his way out of his addiction to gain a place back in Micky's life.

    The movie depicts the two fights in the 2 lead characters lives brilliantly. While Mickey has to fight to get out of Dicky's shadows and become his own man, Dicky on the other hand has to fight against his addiction to drugs and gain acceptance in the society he lives in. What otherwise would have been a normal drama flick, the acting and the screenplay is what sets it apart.

    The two characters although exist in real life would have been hard to portray on screen. Christian Bale does the job with finesse. His body language, his speech, his emoting eyes are bang on perfect. This movie is super watchable just because of Christian Bale's acting. His dedication towards the role reflects in the amount of weight that he has lost for this one film. Mark Wahlberg on the other hand adds the calming complement to Bale's high adrenaline character. His subtle expressions and body language works wonders for the character. Amy Adams does a neat job as Micky's pillar of strength.

    Writers Scott Silver and Paul Tamasy do a wonderful job of adapting this true story in a tight and engrossing screenplay. Thorough justice was done to the screenplay by director David O Russel. Never do you experience a dull moment in the film. The emotions are brought out very nicely and its not just the last fight that pumps your adrenaline.

    Reasons to watch:
    1) Christian Bale, Christian Bale, Christian Bale
    2) Terrific screenplay
    3) One of the best dramas in recent times
    4) A different take on a boxer's life

    Reasons to skip:
    1) Can get a little depressing/ disturbing

    Repeat Value: Definitely on DVD if not in theatres.

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