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Akira (Kannada)

Akira (Kannada)

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A Kannada film staring Anish Tejeswar and krishi thapanda in the lead.


“Akira is worth a watch for Aditi Rao and Naveen Reddy’s attempt to provide a new angle to an otherwise foregone romance.”

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Anish Tejeswar


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Bummer of a ballyhoo

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Despite its regular trianbular romantic trip, actually Akira had an interesting plotline. Of how a man is tossed between two women. Suprisingly here the woman have an upperhand while the man is indecisive. However, caught in the maelstrom of mundane economics of ensuring the film's box office success, director Naveen Reddy G completely messes up the plot with an atrociously written screenplay.
While the first of the film, basically revolving around establishing the plot, for what is to follow post-interval, Naveen Reddy turns Akira into an insufferable 50 minutes. Post interval though the film tries to sail on even keel before its clever and interesting twist to the tale by which time one has already lost interest or snoring away to glory thanks to cool AC on a dog day afternoon.
Told in flashbacks and fast forward Akira is about how Akhil flips for Saahithi as usual pretending to be what he is not to woo her. However, on the D-day of their supposed wedding Saahithi spurns her man. As a dejected and depressed Akhil contemplates on failed love in enters Lavanya, who, herself has been dicthed similarly by her man Suman.
Needless to say Akhil and Lavanya hit it off like house on fire. But. Who wins our Akhil over, and where's the twist in the tale? Head to a theatre near you. The film's only saving grace is Aditi Rao as Lavanya who is very attractive and played her role with aplomb. Anish as the lover boy is grossly misfit, so too Krishi Thapanda as Saahithi. Still Akira is worth a one time watch for Aditi Rao and Naveen Reddy's attempt to provide a new angle to an otherwise foregone triangular romance. Well there you have it. Eitherways one has to suffer and still appreciate Akira for whatever it is worth it.

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