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A romantic action entertainer written and directed by Alemari Santhu


“Fails To Fly”

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Son launch that simply sucks

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In trying to launch his son Anup into the big, bad world of movies, producer Sa Ra Govindu has deceptively titled his fare Dove. However, instead of turning out into a mushy cupid caper, which, in the first half, the film nearly turns out to be, Dove, as expected descends to the depths of proverbial doom in the latter half, when murder takes centre stage.

Dove, despite showing flickers of technical polish, at least in the latter half, with dizzy, and fast paced camera work, sadly turns out a damp squib affair, being neither a pure love tale nor a niftily done crime drama. Actually, Dove has nothing much to offer in terms of novelty or newness in its routine tale of love at first sight, with a sudden outburst of shower, turning into matchmaker.

Knowing full well his son's limitations, producer Govindu, ensures director Santhu captures the boy in a squeaky clean image of a besotted beau who would do no harm. At the other end to ensure audience interest does not wane in an otherwise tepid rendition of the tale, director Anup constrasts the main cupid couple with another who are as raunchy and physical as possible, with on screen liplock included to ensure audiences salivate and drool over the scenes.

In a film which does not have much going for it, Arjun Janya's music score comes as the only pleasant surprise which for once is easy on the ears and quite pleasurable to listen to. Anup has miles to go before he can actually hit the movie's main marquee, while Aditi Rao as his love interest too has long way to go.

Trust me Dove only flatters to deceive and lure in the usual matinee suspects into trooping in for two and half hours of entertainment. Though it tries to deliver, and despite veterans and seasoned actors do an able job, Dove fails to have one interested in it. So there you have it. Not that there is much on platter this week at the multiplexes specially as a Kannada fan.

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