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Geetha Bangle Store

Geetha Bangle Store

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Upcoming Kannada movie directed by Manju Mithra


“ Coveting rural romance”

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Coveting rural romance

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Rarely debutant directors deliver on the promise with which they seek to scale the marquee summit. In this regard, debutant director Manju Mitra, one could say with confidence, is a rarity. He brings to screen a film, which given its rural setting, still covets you both in its appeal as also making. While the subject that the film tackles may not be new, still Manju Mitra does a delectable job and comes across as one with lots of promises.

What makes Geetha Bangle Store much more pleasurable experience is, shorn of urban rowdy saga, violence and its cacophonic fare, is the film's technical team's collective effort as well. If Cinetech Soori's sumptuous visuals of the verdant countryside comes as a sight for sore eyes, V Manohaar's melodious music score too ably complements the film's overall experience.

The rural college romance between a bangle seller's daughter and a cocoon cultivator's son, with a drunkard father, the caste and class equations and other related problems that a typical Indian village faces in terms of development, displacement and destruction, is captured vividly and realistically by director Manju Mitra.

Further what adds lustre to the film's appreciation is the lead players who too deliver well in their debutant essays and equally well supported by the seasoned cast. In sum, Geetha Bangle Store is a film for the discerning entertainment seeker. Go for it. One will be pleasurably surprised.

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