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Jaggu Dada

Jaggu Dada

Directed by : Raghavendra Hegde

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A Kannada action film staring Darshan

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Rowdy in mama’s lasso, grandpa’s grip

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Challenging Star Darshan has dared to experiment. As a result Jaggu Dada turns out both entertaining and engaging experience. Full of mass masala action, the film, also subtly parodies inconsequential life of a rowdy, whom society shuns like a bargepole.
This thanks to debutant director Raghavendra Hegde who has cleverly scripted a tale that melds both commercial and social aspects without being preachy. Yes, Hegde has staked both his reputation, as also Darshan's, at the boxoffice turnstile.
That he has pushed the envelope despite regurgitating the moth eaten story and has chosen to narrate in a nifty, delectable, way surreptitiously suggesting that there is more to life than being a disreputable rowdy, spicing up his saga with comedy should be appreciated.
That said Jaggu Dada revolves around rowdy Jaggu. Mama Pushpa's bosom boy who aspires her son become numero uno don of the underworld fiefdom his grandfather Ravishankar and his father Veeru had once ruled ruthlessly.
But Jaggu, who has no qualms about dancing to mama's tunes, however, has to contended with grand dad Ravishankar who wants him to let past be past and turn new leaf to wed a homily girl and earn society's respect and station.
Turning ghost after his heart-attack, the grand dad is after Jaggu to find the girl as soon as possible, lest Jaggu turns complete rowdy as his mother Pushpa would want him to be. Jaggu's search lands him in Maximum City where marriage broker Gowri lines up a string of prospective brides who all turn out to be reality show babes. Needless to say Jaggu falls for Gowri to complete the film's romantic track.
Filled with high octane, stylised action sequences to ensure mass appeal for his loyal fans, the film also brims with some mirthful comedy hidden with messages. Will Hegde's gamble pay off, only time will tell. For now though he has etched a new meaning to rowdy entertainment. Enjoy, be entertained and educated on what it means to being a rowdy and devoid of respect. While Darshan is usual self flexing his muscles, fists and kicks, it is Deeksha Seth who acts as a perfect foil rising about the pretty babe prop.

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