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Kendasampige is a 2015 Indian Kannada Romantic drama film directed by Duniya Soori and written by Surendranath.


“A must watch. ”

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A delectable urban romance

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Going by the film's tagline that it is a sequel, Suri's Kendasampige, which revolves around lovers on the run, provides for a neat blend of commerce and art in its telling of the tantalising tale.

This roadie romance beautifully captured by cinematographer Satya Hegde makes for a taut watch. While one feels that Suri could have eschewed the commercial elements to make it even more authentic realistic tale, still the film has one in a thrall as the lovers seek to save their lives.

Told with the deftness that the director brings to the narrative, the film, with newcomers as its lead pair, and ably supported by the seasoned cast, makes for a one time watch. That the film is different from the routine trash one gets to watch and despite having bits of commercial touch to it should not dissuade a movie-goer from trooping in to savour the fragnance of Kendasampige which spreads a new flavour to film making and entertainment.

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