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Mr. Airavata

Mr. Airavata

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Mr Airavata is a action entertainer movie written and directed by AP Arjun


“A Treat For Fans”

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Donning khaki to set society right

Rated 2.0 / 5

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This is one derring-do film Challenging Star Darshan's fans would simply swoon over. But, for others though, it is a tough challenge to sit through the action surcharged, dialogue baazi balderdash.

While the larger premise of the film is that you need a White Elephant (Mr Airavata), in this case dashing, dynamic Darshan, as a singular means that to rid society of its corrupt, the way director A P Arjun goes about drumming home his message is primarily aimed at the mass audience.

Taking on all the ills plaguing the society, Arjun's one-man demolition squad Mr Airavata dons the khaki, for according to his freedom fighter grandfather, it is to the police that society run for security. While the film tries to provide a clean image for the blighted force, what, however, roils one is the film lacks substance.

As if the elephentine prowess of our Airavata won't suffice to go about his task smoothly, swatting all and sundry coming in his way, you have Arjun posing the main hurdle in the man's path in the form of Pratap Kale, the demonic anti-thesis of Airavata, under whose twiddling thumb the entire society dance in attendance.

Honestly, one needs as much gumption as the hero exhibits in order to bear the assault of Airavata on your senses. Still, while it is seeti time for his fans, it is sniff and scoot time for the rest of us. Pick your choice. Airavata may be a brand, a symbol as goes one of the song, but, it ultimately turns out into all sound and fury signifying nothing.

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