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Style King

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A Kannada action film staring Ganesh

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Lover boy turns drug buster

Rated 1.0 / 5

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Better known for his chocolate lover boy image and mushy romantic films, Golden Star Ganesh, goes for a complete makeover in Style King as the baddie who takes on the badmen, in this case the drug mafia don Perumal and his cronies, the corrupt cop, what have you. This Style King aka Kashi believes in fist for a fist, bullet for a bullet, kick for a kick, butt for a butt and also has a sidekick to boot.
Ofcourse, you also have Karthik, the archetypal lover boy, the fans are familiar with, romancing a demure Ramya, while aspiring to become a Sub Inspector but battling to clear the mounting dues of his drunkard-debtor father Naga and calm down his equally tight on the bottle, battling prospective father-in-law Sundar.
Till interval the twin do not meet. Each go about their respective role play with the precision director P C Shekar has scripted his puerile plot. A plot which has no rhyme or reason nor a sting in its tail, which simply puts you to sleep. It is one gambol run as Style King races to its predictable end in the timber yard where the entire ensemble cast meet for the high blast climax -- the family, the goons, the two Ganeshas, the cops, the all.
Sadly, despite Ganesh doing his best to live up to the expectations, Style King is an atrociously made film with obnoxious comic play full of risque dialogues and insufferable.
The film's only plus point is its colourfully choreographed and sumputously mounted songs which provide some relief from the tedious, high decibel, soporous fare and is easy on the eyes, though the same cannot be said for the songs. Ganesh is so so, while Remy Nambeesan, the Kollywood import, is a feast for sore eyes and a pretty prop to provide the oomph.

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