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Tirupathi Express

Tirupathi Express

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Tirupathi Express is a comedy movie directed by Pon Kumaran and stars Sumanth Shailendra in the lead role


“Tirupathi Express gets derailed midway in an over ambitious attempt to be a mass masala entertainer. Even the witty humour is not enough to make you board this Express.”

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Kriti Kharbanda


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Tirupathi Express Audience Review

A ticklish ticket to tedious time at theatres

Rated 1.5 / 5

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What can one say about remakes? Well, nothing really. It's been there, seen that trite experience. But once you get in, you grin and suffer it.

Actually, what makes the suffering less harsh is that the film is 125 minutes. Thank God for kind mercies. Secondly, given its intent to provide audiences a jolly jaunt as they travel, producer Shailendra Babu's Tirupathi Express, achieves its purpose to considerable extent. That the comedy is weak, wacky and weird is what makes P Kumar's woolly scripted fare a tiresome watch.

Why so? Because, our directors do not understand that comedy can be wholesome and a genre in itself, made without resorting to needless gimmicks, but structured sensibly and told intelligently.

Where was the need for futile fights to showcase the protagonist's prowess? Other than adding to the din that shatter your ear-drums, they do not serve any entertainment purpose. Yes, when comedy, per se, itself could have made for simple, pleasurable outing, it is such needless digressions that derail an otherwise deliriously done Tirupathi Express.

With son as the star of the enterprise, dad Shailendra, one believes, could not resist fitting in riotious rowdies and nerve wrecking battles, for son Sumanth to pack a punch, while audiences brain are battered with migraine inducing moments.

Be that as it may, given Tirupathi Express' liberal cinematic license, it makes for a mad watch. With a disciplinarian dad in Srinivasa Rao, a retired teacher, a non-conforming, do-gooder son in Suman, and a calculative dainty damsel, who unwittingly latches onto him like a leech, in Prarthana, and a train thundering away to Tirupathi, with the beau and the beauty at wits to board it, Tirupathi Express could have audiences eating out of its comic construct. But, Shailendra, Kumar and Sumanth had their own calculations to have the cash registers ringing. So instead of whale of a time laughing your hearts out, which you do so once a while, most of them you rue a ruined day.

Sumanth tries to fit into the comic role but fails miserably. Kriti Kharbanda is just there to send audiences' ogle meter running. The rest of the cast are incidental till Tirupathi Express reaches its destination for that final family get-together and a bit of social message on how what is wrong in the eyes of one may have been right given the situation the other found himself in.

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Tirupathi Express