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U Turn

U Turn

2.9 1,765 Ratings

Directed by : Pawan Kumar

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  • MJ Rating 3.1/5
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A Kannada thriller film directed by Pawan Kumar

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Shraddha Srinath


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A taut thriller with tame tail

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Pawan 'Lucia' Kumar returns with another accomplished film in U-turn. Based on real incident, Pawan Kumar weaves an interesting, intriguing tale with an enterprising and pretty intern Rachana keen on doing a crime story so that she may get a permanent job with the paper she is interning. That she has her eyes and heart set on the newspaper's crime reporter Aditya is another matter.
While the film is indeed gripping through its first half with the police procedures shown in an impeccable manner and the intern going about her investigation in a professional manner, it is the film's second half which is rather a sore let down as Pawan Kumar turns to a convenient, cliched ending as his story seems to be headed nowhere.
The intern is collecting information, fed by a roadside scavenger resident, and aided by a friend in RTO, on who lifts the divider brick blocks on Richmond Road flyover to take a convenient u-turn towards their destination when in a hurry. That one such incident led to the death of a mother and daughter Maya and Aarana, leaving behind a grieving Ritesh is another matter.
What turns into a suspense and thriller aspect is those who took the wrong turn have all committed suicide. Is it suicide or murder? What led to their deaths? is what Pawan Kumar's braveheart beauty seeks to investigate. Trying to help her sees Inspector Nayak being suspended because he believes in her story when she is unwittingly becomes the accused in the case.
What keeps the viewers engrossed is the superlative performance of Shraddha Srinath and Roger Narayan as inspector Nayak. Ofcourse the slick camera work by Advaith Gurumurthy adds zippy feel to the drama. Pawan again proves he is a master craftsman, only that, he should have polished and perfected his script much better to make U-turn a much more snazzy show. Still its worth driving into the U-turn and be engrossed in the edgy drama that unfolds before you.

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