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Homely Meals

Homely Meals

3.6 68 Ratings

Directed by : Anoop Kannan

Release Date : | Length : 142 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 3.2/5
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Homely Meals is a comedy movie directed by Anoop Kannan and stars Manoj K. Jayan in the lead role


“Homely Meals has it's share of weaknesses but entertains. Quality satire, some genuinely funny comedy sequences and seamless performances makes it a good one time watch. ”

Homely Meals Credit & Casting

Manoj K Jayan

Homely Meals Audience Review

Warm and friendly cinema.

Rated 3.0 / 5

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Like homely meals, Homely Meals is simple and without grand ambition. The director, Anoop Kannan, responsible for Jawan Of Vellimala, he is playing on the edge with no superstar to anchor it, and no discernible love story or song sequence. He picks Vipin Atley to play Alan Mathew, a character you feel varying levels of sympathy for.

Alan is talented, has the best intentions and not an iota of cunning which leaves him no place in the media/entertainment industry. Why, with Allan's honesty and lack of guile he will be jostled and joshed off the planet.

The chubby, sweaty, always worn out Alan scripts a television show that is stolen from right under his nose. From there on the protagonist finds a local gang of friends who put a spine in his back and some fire in his belly. They are joined by Nedumudi Venu as the Reverend Father CEO of Grace TV and Manoj K Jayan as Sarat Chandran the calculative Programme Co-ordinator of the channel. They're struggling with viewership but they're also struggling with running a tight ship.

The film has a fistful of jokes and situational comedy that the audience is thirsty for, and it all adds up to the premise rather neatly. All this is well and good until we are lead up to a turning point climax that is not fully convincing. An episode airing dirty laundry is scheduled for their midnight spot on New Year's Eve - a detail that threw the whole story off into a spiral.

Performances are honest and without pretention. Sasi Kalinga, Karamana Sudheer, Shivaji Guruvayoor, all masters of the supporting ring. But allow me to draw your attention to Neeraj Madhav, the guy with the scraggly beard and curly crop who is easy to lose in shadows but manages to stand out on the strength of shining performances and a wide innocent smile. Srinda is here also, as affable as always, she is increasingly becoming an indicator of smart, sensible women.

In totality, the film has its share of weaknesses, but it's an attempt at capturing the frustrations of the left brained, the case of chance and stroke of luck that determines the scale of success. The dogged persistence of a man with conviction and his two bit advice on how to make your life count - these are notes we need to put out there.

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