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Directed by : Renjith

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Loham narrates the story of Raju (Mohanlal) a taxi driver and Jayanti (Andrea Jeremiah) who is arrived from Mumbai with a special purpose and hires Raju's taxi for the ride. The incidents happened in between their one day journey and the people they come across is the plot of Loham.


“A one-time watch which doesn't fit into the category of neither mass nor class. ”

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Rated 2.5 / 5

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Mohanlal's Loham is yet another wannabe thriller, which has an intriguing and interesting plot but sadly the script work is not water tight, hence the film gives a feel of watching a insipid thriller!

The film deals with the arrival of the dead body of a man who died at a Dubai construction site. A local MLA comes in to help the clearance at customs and soon our protagonist comes into action. Andrea Jermiah, wife of a customs officer who gone missing soon after the arrival of the dead boy and her chauffeur, Mohanlal meets many persons to find out the whereabouts of Andrea's husband.

Loham is easily one of the most boring scripts directed by Rajesh as the film is just glossy on the paper whereas the execution lacks thrills moments and grandeur. The film follows the famous path of Oceans series but the script work is not intelligent enough to sustain the interest of the viewers.

The only saving grace of the film is Mohanlal's comic sense and his method acting which makes us sit through this boring ride which has plenty of characters and cliched dialogues. Andrea looks beautiful on screen but her characterization doesn't have big scope other than travelling with Mohanlal and meet various people.

For a film with such a vast concept, the production value must be top notch but here the film is very dull and it looks like the producers failed to invest the much needed budget.

To conclude, Loham is an interesting concept but the writing is not up to the mark hence ends up as a tiring watch!

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