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Directed by : Arun Bose

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Luca is a drama movie directed by Arun Bose and stars Tovino Thomas in the lead role

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Tovino Thomas


  • Genres:Drama
  • Director: Arun Bose
  • Production Co: Stories & Thoughts Productions

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  • Budget: INR 7 cr.
  • Gross: INR 14.00 cr.
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A Mystique Murder Mystery

Rated 3.5 / 5
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An artist’s life is a mysterious one. A handful of people to call your own, drudgery of everyday life to doodle on paper and a safe and secluded station to pin down your feelings.
Luca (Tovino Thomas) isn’t any different. Unlike Martin Prakkat's Charlie, the eponymous is a loud-mouthed bigot struggling with anonymous illnesses tied down to the strength
of true love.

Lurking in the shadows of his own thoughts relentlessly soaking the neighbourhood walls in opinionated paintings of familiar caricatures, Luca’s mind unveils through his fingertips. When his artwork captures the heart of a dove-eyed science geek from Bangalore (Ahaana Krishna as Niharika); they hit off a dark romance which beams into a Bonnie and Clyde like tragedy.

It all starts one rainy morning, when Luca is found dead at his front yard. Resting peacefully in the arms of nature, away from the constraints of his Necrophobic past. Cops rush in and transfer the body for an autopsy considering the possibility of murder. It is later on revealed to us that Niharika was also pronounced dead by the police force in Bangalore a week earlier. With their murder still a mystery Akbar (Nithin George), a police officer who is dealing with his own lover’s quarrel ponders upon a Diary in Luca’s home. The Diary narrates the hot-headed encounter between Luca and Niharika.

As the Diary unfolds the story between the two we step into the lanes of Fort Kochi where the Biennale sets the mood for the film. A coffee date with Luca leads to another and the artsy town grows in Niharika. She moves in with Luca as a paying guest only to discover more about Luca’s battle with several demonic health conditions. She traces back the advent of events that led to his condition and pays close attention to his notions. Sometimes the strides he took to defend his near and dear ones were a far cry from his own difficulties.

Niharika fills with remorse as Luca proceeds with his dangerous endeavours and continues to cradle Luca in her own safety net protecting him from a series of atrocities. She feels liberated from her own struggles under his wing but Luca’s illness perpetuates leaving him hardly a few more weeks to survive. The Diary ends with a goodbye note from Niharika which concludes the narrative leaving her death still a mystery. Akbar and his team of detectives track down Niharika’s abusive uncle and suspects him of murder.

The investigation continues and gradually drifts Akbar closer to his estranged wife (Vinitha Koshy). They solve the mystery together within seconds making a great team. The story of Niharika and Luca might be the ending of one love story but the beginning of another.

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