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Mathai Kuzhappakaranalla

Mathai Kuzhappakaranalla

2.8 40 Ratings

Directed by : Akku Akbar

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Mathai Kuzhappakaranalla is a comedy-drama movie directed by Akku Akbar and stars Jayasurya in the lead role


“A bad script that was adapted to a movie, and guess what? It's even worse.”

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What would you do if you happen to be a misogynist with a screwed up view on everything but then you can't really go about preaching your sexist ideas on others because people around you happened to be sensible? Well you could make a movie on that and hire actors to lecture about your outlook to the world. That is exactly what Akku Akbar does with his new movie Mathayi Kuzhappakaranalla, both scripted and directed by him.

I've been deliberately ignoring the existence of a genre of films in Malayalam which have been selling itself under the Kudumba-chitram label while pandering to the ego of a chauvinist lot of Kerala men and then inadvertently stumbled upon this today.

Mathayi (Jayasurya) who had come to pick his fiance Anna (Bhama) from her hostel gets stuck in her town for a day due to an unexpected Hartal. So he decides to visit an acquaintance in town, Doctor Nandagopan (Mukesh) who then invites him to his house to spend the rest of the day.

Mathayi learns that Nandakumar is going through that estranged-relationship-phase with his wife Geetha (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy) and decides to dig-in unbidden to solve their marital problems.

Then we are put in for some serious torture for around two hours as Mathayi calls up Geetha and her feminist mother on phone and sermonizes his screwed up views on womanhood, family and marital woes while they patiently listen.

The first half ends with Mathayi saying something like- no matter how much a woman cries for equality, she will always be subordinate to a man and can never be an equal because a factor of "shame" will always pull her back i.e. a man can always win the game by shaming her body. He even goes on to say that the reason we have rapes in India is not because the men are at fault, but because the laws are not strict enough. Then he praises the Gulf nations for they know how to protect their women and says that the Soumya rape incident would not have happened in the Middle East because they have strict laws there. Yeah like totally, Mathai. And stoning women to death for charges of adultery should also be cool and perfectly urbane, right?

The absurdity of the script overpowers the efforts put in by the cast and the only thing that stays with you after the movie would perhaps be the animated song they play in the begininng. Watch at your own risk.

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