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Picket 43

Picket 43

3.2 172 Ratings

Directed by : Major Ravi

Release Date : | Length : 104 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.8/5
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Picket 43 is an action-drama movie directed by Major Ravi and stars Prithviraj in the lead role


“Don't let any picket stop you from watching this movie; welcome back Prithviraj!”

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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Picket 43 has been a subject of lot of flattering assessments this weekend; if cheesy friendship melodrama is not your thing then you'll wonder why.

I sat in for this one without much expectation, prepared to watch a forgettable military movie with lot of action, war operations, guns and bomb blasts. In that way, Picket 43 was a pleasant surprise. There is not much fire, bullets and chaos like a usual Major Ravi flick and the movie is rather interested in the lonely lives of the soldiers guarding the India-Pak border, which is cute.

Hareendranath Nair (Prithviraj) gets his next posting at Picket 43 following the death of the previous sentinel who guarded it. Unfortunately the dreaded transfer notice has found him in a time when he badly had to visit his home in Pattambi. Despite his pleas, Nair's leave request gets rejected and he is sent to Picket 43 along with an army dog, Bacardi. On the other side of the border lives Musharraf (Javed Jaffery) a good hearted Pakistani soldier who teaches him that friendship doesn't know about international boundaries.

Picket 43 is pleasing for eyes with its snow showers, freezing terrains and mountain landscapes. Had the makers put some more effort on the dialogues and the script, the movie could have fared as a decent watch. Instead it wastes a lot of time meandering through tiring cliched subplots on army households- ailing mother, lonely lover waiting for her man's arrival, debts, isolation yada yada. All that with over the top sentimentality and drama scaled out of proportions makes Picket 43 a boring affair.

The only reason to not facepalm watching this onscreen is Javed and Prithviraj. Thanks to them for guarding this picket from blowing up despite the cheesy lines they had to deliver. They along with Jomon T John's neat presentations skills make Picket 43 a one-time watch. If there is anything more to say about this one, then it is that Picket 43 is a comedy that thinks it is a bromantic emotional drama.

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