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2.0 (Film)

2.0 (Film)

3.5 54,718 Ratings

Directed by : S. Shankar

Release Date : | Length : 148 Minutes

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When a deadly winged monster becomes a global threat, Dr. Vaseegaran is forced to reassemble Chitti in order to save the world.


“A visual stunner that thankfully doesn’t completely comprise on content”

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  • Budget: INR 450 cr.
  • Gross: INR 750.00 cr.
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2.0 (Film) Audience Review

2.0 (Film) Review

Rated 1.0 / 5
by Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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I am a believer of nonsense cinema of Bollywood. When Raja Azad Singh stopped that plane in Mard with a rope tied to its tail wing with only his bare hands and a pole that looked like a Volleyball court pole it gave me goosebumps ,it still does. There was a reason Manmohan Desai knew how to deliver nonsense. Shankar fails epicly in this movie while trying to deliver nonsense.
There is a scene in the movie where cellphone bust out of a huge cargo truck, yes they break out of the strong metal walls of the truck and in the process the truck turns turtle ! There are many such scenes in this movie where cell phones break out of walls windows etc ! you would be wondering if all these years you purchased low quality phones which cannot survive a two feet fall.
Akshay Kumar is called Pakshi Rajan who commits suicide when all his bids to save birds death from cell phone towers radiation and related environment hazards are ignored by the powers that be. Akshay’s aura after death ( Vikram Bhatt calls it plane and simple aatma) and the aura of other dead birds get combines and start killing those responsible for cellphone based hazards. Finally Vasikaran and Chitti (Both played by Rajnikant) and another robo Neela together save the day for Chennai and kill Pakshi Rajan.
The movie is like walking into an exhibition of CGIs , like you move from stall to stall here you move from scene to scene and like the previous stall product has no connection with the next stall here two the previous scene has no connection with the next scene. Like standard entertainers of an exhibition like the giant wheel , golgappa chaat etc this movie has the standard offering like Chitti’s circular gun and his grabbing of a female character full frontal etc. In fact in this one a robo is asking the other one give me a kiss baby – do they have pervert modules too in artificial intelligence?
The movie has such shallow screenplay and such bad execution of a sensitive concept that in one particular scene Akshay breaks down in the grave yard of dead birds each small mound has a white flower on it, while he breaks down crying people in the balcony were laughing.
You could watch this one on TV at home and if you were feeling bad for those who invested in Thugs Of Hindostan trust me this one well leave you in tears thinking of this one’s financers.
One star and that too for the track record of Rajnikant,Shankar and Akshay. In that order.

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