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Ramanujan is a biopic based on the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan. The film has been shot in Tamil and English languages.Produced by the independent Indian production house Camphor Cinema. Gnana Rajasekaran  has scripted the film.


“Ramanujan is signficantly well-researched but the problem with it it's emotional discord. Commendable performances from Suhasini and Abhinay save the day for the director.”

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Ramanujan Photo 39Ramanujan Photo 38Ramanujan Photo 37Ramanujan Photo 36Ramanujan Photo 35Ramanujan Photo 34Ramanujan Photo 33Ramanujan Photo 32Ramanujan Photo 31Ramanujan Photo 30Ramanujan Photo 29Ramanujan Photo 28Ramanujan Photo 27Ramanujan Photo 26Ramanujan Photo 25Ramanujan Photo 24Ramanujan Photo 23Ramanujan Photo 22Ramanujan Photo 21Ramanujan Photo 20Ramanujan Photo 19Ramanujan Photo 18Ramanujan Photo 17Ramanujan Photo 16Ramanujan Photo 15Ramanujan Photo 14Ramanujan Photo 13Ramanujan Photo 12Ramanujan Photo 11Ramanujan Photo 10Ramanujan Photo 9Ramanujan Photo 8Ramanujan Photo 7Ramanujan Photo 6Ramanujan Photo 5Ramanujan Photo 4Ramanujan Photo 3Ramanujan Photo 2Ramanujan Photo 1Ramanujan Photo