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A girl under the spell of the witch Sakuchi fights against her with the help of Aghoras


“Sivangi with no scares or thrills fails as a horror film. Skip it!”

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Sivangi - Dragged Me To Hell Alright

Rated 0.5 / 5
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There are movies which are plain bad. Then there are some which are so bad that they are good in an odd way. Sivaangi isn't one of those films. This is the kind that will make you want to kill yourself. This is a two hour long cinematic failure of a staggering magnitude.

Charmee plays a popular actress named Sivaangi. After losing her parents in a car accident a few years ago, she lives with her absurdly superstitious driver/sidekick/servant/bodyguard named Chinna. As if we don't already have enough of them, this guy aspires to be a "mass hero". During one autograph signing session, a slight-headed fan gets mistakenly accused of grabbing Charmee's left boob, and gets beaten by her and her servant. The imbecile is so ashamed he drives back home and consumes poison, refusing medical help till Charmee herself comes down to his crappy village and apologizes to him. Turns out his father is a Black Magician, who requests Sivaangi to come and visit his son in the hospital. She agrees but the director of the film she's working in wouldn't let her leave. Holding her responsible for his beloved imbecile son's death, black magician vows to kill her. And there it suddenly became clear to me that this film was a very bad attempt at remaking Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell. The scene I just tried describing is the same one where Alison Lohman's character refuses to offer an old woman more time to repay her loan.

Apart from failing at horror, Sivaangi fails as a film itself. The writing is all over the place with not one scene or even a dialogue worth a dime. The scenes where Charmee is seen working in her film are atrocious. Just when you are convinced there cannot be a movie worse than the one you are watching, the film which is being shot within this film makes you reconsider that thought. If she's such a popular actress, I wonder why she lets the director treat her like a piece of crap. She's a non-believer when it comes to all this black magic bullshit. She keeps taking digs at superstitions so many times that you feel like tearing out your hair and shout,"Dude, we get it. Move on!" The only scare in the film comes at the beginning of a song where Charmee can be seen sucking on a penis shaped popsicle.

This film was apparently a hit in Telugu and that lead to this Tamil-dub, attempting to emulate the success of Arundhati. Scratching fingernails on a chalkboard is more fun.

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