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Thaandavam (Siva Thaandavam)

Thaandavam (Siva Thaandavam)

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Directed by : A. L. Vijay

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Shiva serves in the Intelligence wing of the Army and is sent to London for a mission soon after his wedding with Meenakshi. He finds himself trapped and framed by the militants who deem him a traitor. He wishes to prove his innocence and regain his honor.


“Thaandavam is a disappointing film with uneven pacing and lack of thrills. Skip it!”

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Thaandavam - Not much to cheer about.

Rated 2.0 / 5
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In the film's opening moments, a series of blasts rip through Central London. A news reporter calls it “the biggest terrorist attack in UK since 9/11”. It is followed by a scene highly reminiscent of Collateral, where a Cab driver drops a ride and waits for him to return. A body falls from the building on top of a waiting car. What was supposed to be a critical moment is savagely muffled by shamelessly hoping to get a laugh out of it. It's sad how entire scenes are built around one-liners which are tragically unfunny. The entire film is filled with moments like these where the little bit of seriousness is chucked out a window by juxtaposing it with something absurd.

I didn't buy the whole 'Echolocation' theory. Just to be sure, I took a look at the actual videos of visually challenged people who have practiced this technique. It may help the person to walk around and live independently but the kind of things the protagonist is able to perform is simply ridiculous. Had they at least set a framework regarding the activities he can and cannot do, it would have been easier to accept this. He runs, fights, kills just like normal people. What's more unbelievable is how MI6 agents are so inept, they cannot save themselves from a blind person.

The premise is absurd as it is, without adding the whole gimmicky 'Echolocation' concept. Gimmicky is fast becoming my favorite word to describe Tamil films. All these writers are scavenging for one interesting plot point and then build an entire film around it using the same old, hackneyed elements. So an Indian scientist invents a bomb which cannot be traced by metal detectors. He designs a Do-It-Yourself 'flowchart' so any one learns to assemble the bomb. He is soon found dead under mysterious circumstances and this flowchart goes missing. There's so much bickering about how some operative in India is planning to send the flowchart to some International terrorist organization through Led Ex courier services. I mean, hello, whatever happened to email? When a blast of this magnitude has killed over a thousand people and MI6 is apparently involved in a major cover-up, is it too much to expect the ramifications to be mentioned?

It is about time we had movies where flashbacks, however unnecessary, were more organically infused to the narrative. I believe I am not spoiling anything as almost all of this is pretty damn evident from the trailer. At relatively important junctures, we are made to watch a story about how he met his wife. She plays an ophthalmologist but is not even able to guess what her husband's designation could be. Why would a person form South India go and work in Delhi Police as a sub-inspector? They were hoping for it to be cute and all that, but meh. Though I must confess I thought a couple of scenes with Anushka were the most entertaining in the entire film. But the problem is that they didn't even belong there. Apart from bringing the actual plot to a complete standstill, the back-story added little depth to his motives. Even the revenge he is seeking is out of a misplaced sense of justice.

Vikram is deeply sincere as always. He tries to bring a lot to his performance but is let down by the preposterousness surrounding him. The pacing is very slow and there's not an ounce of thrill to be found anywhere. The audience at my screening didn't clap or whistle even once and that's something you don't see happen for a film starring such a popular actor. Truth be told, there are hardly any moments where you fear for any of the characters. Amy Jackson and Anushka were rather decent in spite of playing characters that are not the brightest of bulb in the box. I'm not even going to get into how all the characters keep running into each other in the city of London. The twists are weak and you can see them coming from miles away. The actual revenge plot wouldn't have taken more than 30 minutes of runtime. Most of the scenes meander around the women in the film trying to fall for Vikram's character. It comes down to whether the film is entertaining and it is definitely not.

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