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3.5 136 Ratings

Directed by : Hari

Release Date : | Length : 155 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Venghai is an action-drama movie directed by Hari and stars Dhanush in the lead role

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Vengai (Leopard) - Fun, Fast and Furious !

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Saturday morning I planned to unwind myself by fastening my seat belts to take a roller coster ride... uhh, in otherwords I was planning to watch the latest flick directed by Hari - Vengai.

To put it simple and straight, it was no less exciting than his previous flicks. Hari is one director who does not want to take the path less travelled but prefers a familiar path to walk and would walk tall.

Normally when I visit Trichy I go out for a movie, this time around I watched Trichy from Bangalore, through Vengai.

What's HOT:
1. Dhanush - carries the entire movie on his shoulders ceremoniously
2. Tamannah - surprisingly she has something more to do other than just shaking legs with Dhanush
3. Prakashraj and Rajkiran - seasoned actors, always a delight to watch them perform on screen
4. A whole bunch of supporting cast to add some spice to the finger licking masala
5. Above all, the racy screen play

What's NOT:
1. Hari's Cliches continue - the sumos and the scorpios racing past the muddy village roads, hero and villain mouthing punch dialogs, a family with rich traditions.... etc.
2. The sickle culture is becoming sick
3. Songs... absolute speed breakers. I cant remember even a single number.
4. Ganja Karuppu - well, the crude and crass act (he calims to have done some comedy) in the move is just not acceptable and he is better off doing some minor roles (as a comedian)
5. Logic - oops, if you are in a roller coster, will you question the path traversed by it? But when one of the characters in the movie wants to see the chase between Dhanush and others standing on top of Rockfort, I just cannot control my laughter... for people outside Trichy, this might not be an issue, but for me ... :)

Verdict: Weekend Entertainment Guaranteed*

* Do not expect anything new

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