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  • Utthama Villain (Villan :) ) - Where Script and treatment are the hero

    Raja Sivaramakrishnan (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - May 02, 2015 17:46 PM IST
    3.2DM (1378 ratings)

    Verdict - Zero Expectations leads to amazement at the skill of Kamal Hassan and a brilliant script

    Uttama VillainWatch trailerRelease date : May 01, 2015

    Utthama Villain - Sometimes going for a movie with zero expectations is a good thing as when you see a good product, you end up feeling amazed and Kamal's stop gap arrangement before the release of Vishwaroopam-2 turns out to be a classic in almost every aspect of film making.

    A kollywood superstar Manoranjan (Kamal) known for meaningful cinema has been stereotyped in typical hero movies and is not creatively satisfied, having been away from his Marghadarsi (K B) . Adding to his misery, he is diagnosed with stage brain tumour and isn't given much time to live. Hoping to right some wrongs before his death, he starts by mending fences with his mentor and asks him to make a final movie for him, for which he will be remembered, to which his mentor agrees. The emotions he undergoes in his final days, where he rights many wrongs, along with a parallel narrative into the movie he is acting, which explores immortality through humour while Manoranjan battles with death everyday, forms the basis of Utthama Villain's story.

    As known to everybody, in a cruel twist of irony, K B who is seen making a movie for his disciple as he completes his final days passed away before the release. Kamal's ode to K B starts the movie on a poignant note, however director Ramesh Arvind makes sure that we remember K B as we have always known him. Straight forward, too the point and as a brilliant actor himself. Even though the movie starts timidly as you would expect with the life and times of the superstar Manoranjan, however it quickly gathers pace in terms screenplay which is written by Kamal.

    One of the best things about this movie is not knowing what to expect next after the initial scenes and that works well for the movie and Ramesh Arvind's direction. And while most of us including yours truly might have been expecting the movie to be a dullfest thinking it is a period film, let me assure you, the period era is the funniest part of the movie and keeps the emotions on an equillibrium between sad and poignant of real life of Manoranjan and humour in Uttaman's life in the period era and the balance works remarkably.

    As for performances words won't do justice to Kamal's performance in the movie which is only expected from the perfectionist he is, however the entire supporting cast has given beautiful performances. Parvathy as Kamal's daughter and Ashwin as his son come out with realistic performances and Jayaram, K Viswanath, M S Bhaskar, Urvashi and Andrea stand out for their restrained portrayals. However you just can't ignore K B whenever he is on screen and he lights up the screen with his sincere portrayal of the role of a mentor who is proud of his disciple and at the same time emotional about being the maker of his last movie.

    Music and BGM by Ghibran are top class and forms an integral part of taking the story forward except for the minor abberration of the introduction song. His use of the villupattu exponent Subbu Arumugam and the use of Jal Tarang instrument are very impressive features of the music from the period era of the movie.

    Final Words - Granted there are minor distractions at the begining, however the overall feel of the movie never lets you down and therefore I would recommend everybody to drop whatever they are doing and go out and watch this movie because we have another classic on our hands.

    Mr.Critic Rating - 4/5

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