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A Aa

A Aa

3.4 1,933 Ratings

Directed by : Trivikram Srinivas

Release Date : | Length : 152 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.1/5
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A Aa is a comedy movie directed by Trivikram Srinivas and stars Samantha Akkineni in the lead role

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Samantha Akkineni


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Much ado about nothing!

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It is the typical Telugu family movie, something you wouldn't expect from Trivikram. There are some bursts of his creativity, but those are far and few in between. The screenplay and script are dotted with so many fallacies you can use them in a critical reasoning class. But at the bottom of it all, the movie has nothing to offer - two families separated, a self-centered 40 something, control freak business woman, a daughter looking to fly away, a tiny love story, the archetypal village villain - yawn!

Trivikram has begun to offer one of those rare cases where a director's quality goes down with time. If S/O Satyamurthy was average, this one goes down a notch further. At its heart, A Aa has a very simple story - a control freak mother who can literally drive her daughter to attempt suicide, a protective father who is scared of his wife, a 'bava-atta' (since brother-in-law sounds bad, yes) in the village and trouble between the two families. Nadia plays the control freak business woman whose character is poorly developed - she is sometimes the caring mother and at times the ambitious woman who can sacrifice her daughter for ties with a rich family. That is the pattern throughout the movie. Every character is inconsistent, as if disobeying the rules of logic. So, the girl Anasuya (Samantha) enjoys an escapade to her estranged attamma's (of course mother-in-law) house in the village when her mother is away on a business trip. Nandu (Nitin) who has a lot of debt in the village still pampers this girl from the city because blood relationships matter. But, why exactly does this girl force the poor guy to spend 90k on a TV despite knowing his financial condition is beyond me. Events like that keep repeating. Nandu is conflicted and confused. We are not sure if he is attracted to Anasuya or just has affection. Meanwhile, he is in debt of a rich guy in the village (Rao Ramesh) whose daughter is madly in love with Nandu, good for him. Eventually you can guess what happens right?

Rao Ramesh is probably the star of the show with his ominous villainy mixed with some killer dialogues, sarcasm and taunts involved along with some self-deprecation. All his scenes are worth watching. But beyond him, most characters are plastic. Srini Avasarala is totally wasted. The whole village is made of sets that look like they've been designed by a Bollywood set designer. I mean who has 10-feet scarecrows with bright ribbons ties to them, arches, DIY bamboo and iron frames and a village house that was probably designed by a stunningly smart interior decorator - they just don't fit in with the whole we-are-your-poor-relatives-from-the-village story. Nitin has hardly anything to do except couple of fights. It is all Samantha, which would have been a good thing if she didn't overdo her sweet girl, cute girl expressions all the time. A soulless movie, interspersed with a few scenes of wit and plenty of boring, cliched scenes. Cinematography is typical of any village-centric movie - green and verdancy, ponds and blue skies and rains. The music is a total letdown and this is about the time Mickey Meyer should take a break as his music is too repetitive. Trivikram offers some charming dialogues but their intensity and ability to tickle you helpless is fading. As if his heart isn't quite there!

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