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Release Date : | Length : 145 Minutes

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Dubbed from a Kannada movie bearing the same name. Stars Kiccha Sudeep and Jagapathi Babu as the protagnoist and the antagonist respectively.


“Though mostly engaging for the performances of the lead actors, the major follies of Bachchan are its dubbing compromises and heavy influences from the Kannada original.”

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Rated 2.0 / 5

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Audiences who have an apparent fondness for earth-defying commercial potboilers shouldn't have a problem with Bachchan. The emotions, dialogues and twists are pinned together fittingly, but you should have wished to watch the original instead of this half-heartedly dubbed offering where you are taken for a ride with the mindless lines and visuals where minute details, even for a supposedly hero-adoring result aren't paid minor heed. The actors on whom the entire film relies, Sudeep and Jagapati Babu don't have their original voices in an effort you know that's stuck in the hands of a wrong producer for it significantly has its Kannada flavour intact with the background score.

The title is a call from the maker Shashank who equates Sudeep's presence to Amitabh Bachchan, more so for his height and gives him all the liberty to don his action avatar laced with occasional reminders of Sholay,Don and lets him slip into a Chumma De De with ease. The problem here is mostly the unsettling characterisations of Nasser and Ashish Vidyarthi. For every spark that you notice, there's some buffoonery attempted which might have also been the director's intention to lighten up the consistent intensity barring the discomforting start.

The second-half almost undoes everything that you got to witness in the earlier portions. The justifications turn smarter and the frequent twists amplify the movie's crisp narrative. The attempt for it to scale above a usual massy outing is impressive. The hidden political undertones, a regularity with commercial films these days pass muster here in a couple of sequences that manage to evoke laughter. Bhavana is the pick of the lot when it comes to her spontaneity during this phase in spite of her getting shorter screen-time than Tulip Joshi and Parul Yadav. The ending as you must have guessed by now is a mere formality.

Sudeep's work with the multifarious nature of his character is good enough to strike a chord though you try your best to not compare his act with Eega. So, is the impactful Jagapathi Babu who's cherishing his new-found fascination for character-backed roles. Unless you're ready with a box filled with compromises and need to badly watch a potboiler, feel safe to miss Bachchan.

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