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Bangaru Kodipetta

Bangaru Kodipetta

2.9 901 Ratings

Directed by : Raj Pippalla

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  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Bangaru Kodipetta is a family-comedy movie directed by Raj Pippalla and stars Swathi Reddy in the lead role


“Bangaru Kodi Petta is an another forgettable film in Navdeep's career. Film fails to make the cut with a predictable storyline. Skip it!”

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Swathi Reddy


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Another one to teach us the art of detachment

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Two things to learn from Bangaru Kodi Pitta. One- films in the newly made 'romantic crime comedy' genre are usually lame comedies of the errors of film making. The romance is just a sappy cherub thrown into your face to keep the genre marking visible.
Two- refer to the point above and repeat to yourself - ' I will try hard to never make this mistake again. '

Directed by Raj, Bangaru Kodi Pitta has actors Navdeep and Swathi Reddy in lead roles who are assisted by the legendary ( read lezendary ) fight master duo Ram and Laxman. And a lot of other people who wouldn't really add importance to this review.

In that hall of horrors, it seemed the audience liked the music to a certain extent. But that is as much appreciation as can fit in here.
The rest as we have to say, is plain old Telugu cinema. Let us be clear that I am not critical of the effort taken to make this film. Nor am I appreciative of the little bits that popped up in the middle of the really bad and long and boring bits.
Our films are a great way to practice and preach the art of being detached. Our entertainment lies not on screen but in thorough introspection of how we manage to survive from one Telugu cinema to the other.

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