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Directed by : Vivek Krishna

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Kali Prasad is the man of masses in Bezawada whose group has a strong hold on temple city. Vijay Krishna is right hand to Kali. But, Kalis brother Shankar does not like the supremacy of Vijay Krishna. Shankar plays spoil sport of brutally killing his brother Kali and spreads the rumor in Bezawada about Vijay Krishna as man be...more


“RVG seems to be out of luck in all film industries! The film lacks script, story, direction with it's only saving grace being Prabhu's acting. Skip it!”

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Naga Chaitanya


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Drab Affair

Rated 1.5 / 5
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Meant to be a film based on the cast wars in the city in the 80's, Bejawada is actually a you-kill-my-bro-i-kill-you revenge drama.

Kali (played brilliantly by Prabhu) is a gang lord of the city, who is assasinated by his own brother Shankar, with the blame on Kali's trusted hand Vijay. Vijay gets killed too by Shankar eventually, and his youngest brother played by Naga Chaitnaya swears revenge. How he goes about avenging his brother's death is the rest of the story.

Produced by RGV, and directed by Vivek, Bejawada has all the trademark flaws of an RGV film. The story line is flimsy and very badly laid out. Execution is half handed and direction lacks any genius.

The performances are equally lackluster. Save for Prabhu who impresses as Kali, rest of the cast is wooden and expressionless. Naga Chaitanya attempts to break out of his lover boy image and fails miserably. He neither has the charisma nor the screen presence to carry out a character seething with revenge and anger. It is a pity, for his dad Nagarjuna convincingle plays the angry man in Rajanna released almost simultaneously.

Bejawada also suffers due to unimaginatively shot action sequences, which are actually the backbone of a film on gang wars. Every fight has a been there done that feel to it, making it a tiresome job to sit through the film. Songs too are dull and drab.

Bejawada could have been another Satya or Shiva. But then, that is the case with every RGV film of late, a lot of things the movies could be, yet are not. Steer clear.

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