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Chandamama Kathalu

Chandamama Kathalu

3.2 234 Ratings

Directed by : Praveen Sattaru

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Chandamama Kathalu is anthology film directed by Praveen Sattaru and produced by Chanakya Bhooneti. The film has eight sub-stories revolving around love. The lives of the central characters in the sub-plots get intertwined with each other. Lakshmi Manchu, Aamani, Naresh, Krishnudu, Chaitanya Krishna, Abhijeet, Naga Shaurya, V...more


“Chandamama Kathalu has got rich visuals and good dialogues. However, the film fails to make the cut with a clichéd story-line and predictable incidents. A onetime watch.”

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Lakshmi Manchu

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Fairytales story telling

Rated 2.5 / 5

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Fairytale anthology- It is a relief from our usual cinema but, BUT, don't take this appreciation too seriously. The choice of 8 stories was good and made for a very decent writing effort. Music was also appreciable. Everything was good until I began looking deeper into the character fabric and the stories to realise it only reinforces every immoral idea of humanity any discourse has taught us.
We have on one side a very concerned loving father, a depressing widow and on the other hand we have characters brimming with greed, lust and a village lout selling misoginy ( which satiates our audience's need for loud cacophony..the humor of our times is long dead I tell you. )

Actors Aamani and Naresh carry their age for the characters very well. Lakshmi Manchu, who , according to gossip reports learnt how to smoke for this film, does a decent job of portraying a burnt out model in an industry with a stained repute. The actors tried their best in living up to the expectations on the film, but the lack of content kept falling through the cracks. Watch out for the beggar, he has apparently stunned the audiences with his role ( I don't count myself among the audience anymore.. more of a rabble rouser fighting for the cause of cinema)
..and we all know Mickey J Meyer loves Coldplay. It is obvious from his works and he keeps it that way. But its a relief from the automated song-factories we have in our beloved industry.

As for everything else, I would suggest that you go watch this film for yourself and then reflect on the importance and seriousness of a reviewer's suggestions. As I said, one can manage watching it once. The brave and the bored can go ahead and please themselves..

My compliments to Praveen Kattaru, Suresh Ragutu and Mickey J Meyer for directing, cinematography and music.

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