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James Bond News

Kenneth Branagh Wants To Lock Horns With Bond

December 29, 2017

Did You Know Hugh Jackman Was Offered James Bond Way Before Daniel Craig?

December 06, 2017

Anthony Mackie Wishes To Be Next James Bond

November 02, 2017

Here’s What Made Daniel Craig Do Next James Bond Movie...And No It Wasn't Money

August 23, 2017

25th Instalment Of James Bond Film To Be Shot In Crotia

July 31, 2017

Tom Hardy On James Bond Role: If I Mention It, It's Gone

January 19, 2017

Daniel Craig: ‘I Would Rather Slash My Wrists’ Than Play Bond Again

April 06, 2016

Agent 007 Back with New Spectre Trailer

April 06, 2016