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Directed by : Vasu Varma

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Krishnashtami is an Telugu film written and directed by Vasu Varma and produced by Dil Raju under Sri Venkateswara Creations.


“A routine tale of everything we have seen since eons”

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Sunil Varma


Krishnashtami Audience Review

NRIs please don’t come back.

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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It seems I have got so tired of writing the plots of all the recent Telugu flicks. The glaring plot holes aren't pushing me to take a plunge at giving it out. If I write a line about the story the intelligent readers can join all the strings to weave the screenplay till the end. So, why are we here? I write and you read. Nothing less, nothing more!

After the rant, now quickly I will do away with the plot. Our hero Krishna (Sunil) is an NRI who longs to visit India and settle here. This is someone akin to Amrish Puri's character from Pardes. But as they fate has it, every time he tries hard, the universe tries to stop him from setting his foot on the Indian soil. Don't ask me more. Then without anybody's notice he moves out of the country and in a cosmic twist he gets held in a country due to a flight delay (name it on the Ishq (Telugu) types) and chances upon Heroine 1. Some love type of tamasha and he's on his way to India. En route meets a co-passenger (let's keep this for some twist).

Now he reaches India, and people start attacking him. Here there's something with his identity and the film wears a tinge of a crime drama. Can we blame on some heavy dose of Kaho Na Pyar Hai. So be it. Now Krishna reaches some village and gets on with a disguise of the co-passenger. There you are. Here's the ubiquitous Athadu touch. Don't worry; we have Heroine 2 falling head over heels for Krishna. Do I need to reveal the rest of the story? What are the goons up for? What does Krishna have for them? Out of the two heroines who ends up with Krishna?

There were few eternal questions looming everyone.

1) Why ace comedian Sunil end up being a hero?

Now with that his character became more subdued and the vivaciousness and uber cool over-the-board chuckles he used to bring to the table goes missing.

2) Why would someone risk a story rejected by Allu Arjun?

You may have your reasons, but the audience expects someone portraying that role to rise to the occasion and showcase the powerhouse Bunny.

3) After a choppy Josh, what made director Vasu Varma invest in a mundane story and what made Dil Raju invest in Vasu Varma?

You know the answer, right. They feel that formula sells. However, they forgot that you need a formula to sell a formula.

4) Why heroines are limited to song and dance routines?

You know the answer, right.

5) Why do we have Brahmanandam and a bunch of comedians?

C'mon… Silly question.

6) What about other technical departments?

Why do you ask?

6) Do we need to watch this film?

This is the best joke, something not found in the film!

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