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Laddu Babu

Laddu Babu

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Directed by : Ravi Babu

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Comedy King Allari Naresh and director Ravi Babu have teamed up after a gap of 8 years. Laddu Babu is all about an obese guy who falls in love with a girl. What all did the Laddu Babu tried to woo his girl forms the rest of the story.


“Laddu Babu has got terrible dialogues and an outdated narration. Definitely one of the forgettable films in the career of Allari Naresh. Skip it.”

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Allari Naresh


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A comedy that is hardly comic

Rated 2.0 / 5

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Comedy revolving around fat people, however cleverly you try to mask it, is still a nasty thing to do. These are signs of the falling of our civilisation, from the way we treat our comedy in storytelling.

Laddu Babu ( literally meaning Fat Man/ Big Man/ Fat Boy/ Big Boy ) is the story of a ridiculous set of conseuqences of a man who gets bitten by a mosquito and bloats into inhuman proportions. Not even bariatric surgery can save him. He does quite a number of odd jobs for a living and there is the usual latent love thrown into this evil funmaking endeavour.

( Ravi Babu lent his voice for the voice over and I was wondering if he would repeat his trademark "turnaround" in the voice over too..)

This movie is meant for the moral-less and the audience that loves to stuff fluff into their heads.

Go ahead, sue me now.

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