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Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki

Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki

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Directed by Nandyala Ravi, Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki stars Naga Shaurya and Avika Gor in the lead roles.


“Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki is just another slow and unengaging routine romantic movie”

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Naga Shourya

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Utterly Butterly Pointless!

Rated 0.5 / 5

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Happy Ending! Credits Start Rolling! And you're still wondering what the story was all about. Lakshmi Rave Maa Intiki is an utterly pointless movie that was trying too hard - either to be a run on the mill family entertainer in worst case scenario or a runaway success like its predecessor cousin ooyala jhampala in best case scenario. But there were no surprises, the film was just a dread.

Hero falls in love with this bubbly looking girl (Avika obviously) but she's all engaged and daddy's ideal daughter. She proudly claims her love for her dad with one standard example, that she'd marry a dog is her dad asked her to! (What's that thing they say? Every dog has its day! We'll thanks dads like this for that). Some random incidents keep happening in between - Avika's dad's ex-girlfriend writes to him telling him about her terminal illness and that she is alone in her last days. The letter falls in the hands of Avika and she decides to take the onus of cheering up this 'Pinni' instead of just shoving the letter in her dad's face. Magic happens when our charming hero also comes along with her. After that, the whole film is a victim of a tug off war between heroine's claims to marry a dog her dad gets versus Hero's persuasion to marry him instead.

Filmmakers have to abandon the notion that comedy sequence inserts, reference to gay love and dreamy songs can save the film. And filmmakers will have to abandon the whole Baalika Vadhu golden ticket too, just because Uyyala Jhampala worked doesn't mean you make every family entertainer with madam Unibrow. Naga Shourya was a complete wasted resource, deserved a lot better his looks, acting skills and star quotient. Everything about the film was ordinary. The songs were rip offs from other random places. Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh, etc. were not effectively used either.

Safe to say that you can skip this film this weekend.

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