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Directed by : Sathya Dev

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Directed by Sathyadev and produced by Rudrapati Ramana, Lion stars Balakrishna,Trisha and Radhika Apte.


“The typical logic-defying mass film with some innovation thrown in. ”

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Nandamuri Balakrishna


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Rated 1.0 / 5
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Once upon a time, there was a lion in the jungle. The lion smoked quite a bit, god knows what. The lion had an interesting dressing sense. The lion went into enforced coma after there was a fight. The lion was bit by a rat in the mortuary and woke up from coma. I don't know why lion was in the mortuary.

Lion was confused. Lion accidentally sees his family including the lioness. But lioness refuses to acknowledge the lion's presence. Lion then realises this is a mystery. But lion's parents are being tortured by goons, the parents who refuse to acknowledge Lion's presence. While being tortured, Lion's mother shouts, nay roars. Lion turns Scorpio comes back and finds out mystery.

Lion also knows hacking. Lion is CBI - commitment, bold, integrity. Lion creates firewall and hides a report about the CM's untimely death. Lion puts if-then-else conditions around the firewall. But, like all Indian employees Lion leaves a bug in the code. Lion forgets one condition. Lion's opponent uses it to put lion in coma and stop the report from getting leaked. Lion tries to die by riding a bike off a broken highway. Villain tries to save lion by helicopter lift. Lion wants to run in front of train. Calls media. All come very fast, on tracks far from city. All villain's goons run into the train to die so they could stop lion from dying. Guess they were all from NGO's. There is another intelligent CBI officer who wears non-branded jeans in office. She asks, why lion is trying to commit suicide. She scored 100% in all analytical reasoning questions across all exams. She says, yes, I got the clue to break firewall. She gets the report.

The duplicate lioness and original lioness both want to fight over lion. In the middle of all tension and drama and life and death questions, they are oozing and blasting with hormones. Lions and lionesses sing competition item song. Lion roars in "prasa". Everyone talks in "prasa". It is a forest where no one likes talking less. They have attended Art of Talking classes. Excellent communication skills, they all have. Lion eventually saves everyone and stops tribals from dying. Oh ya, it was a case of lion saving the forest and not the other way round. Long live, Lion! Where am I? What am I doing? Is this 2000 BC? What's this strange garments I have wrapped around myself? Where are the trees? Why are all people blowing something in anger at some spot where there are colourful lights?

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