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Lucky (Telugu)

Lucky (Telugu)

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Directed by : Hari

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a 2012 Telugu film written and directed by Hari. The film stars Srikanth and Meghana Raj in lead roles.[1] Srinivas Reddy produced this Movie on Raja Rajeswari Pictures Banner and Sai Karthik provided the Music.


“Although Srikanth and Meghana have played their part well, Lucky is eventually a tacky rip-off of What Women Want (2000). The characters are poorly constructed and the jokes get irksome by the end. Skip it.”

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Rated 2.5 / 5

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What does every man wishes for and then rues - to read a woman's mind.

So our hero Lucky (Srikant) is a cranky young man who believes that women are a necessary evil and to be tolerated.

(Note: They are the reason why he is cranky to begin with)

Then the unexpected 'gift' of reading a woman's mind falls into his lap. Only he does not think of it as gift, more of a massive nuisance since his world is now a noisy clutter of chatter, complaints, curses, wishes....

Does he eventually enjoy the 'gift'? Resent it ? Exploit it? Does it change him - for better or for worse ? Will he use the skill to do something heroic ?

The movie may not be great on aesthetics but the story is thankfully a little different from the run-of-the-mill movies we see nowadays where there is an insane obsession to introduce the hero in the first 15 minutes top naked and definitely surrounded by a bevy of comparatively even more underdressed, firang babes. No such 'happy' surprises here. Things are a bit real - middle class family, grind of a mindless job, ill-tempered boss etc.

Director Hari should have paced the movie a little better. The first half of the movie has too much of the crankiness and then the movie picks up an unrealistic pace. Thankfully not too many songs - phew!

(Note once again(!) : There is a bit of the mandatory dishum-dishum)

Brahmanandam's scenes are not really wove into the movie - they stand independent of the story.

Rough edges and not a high profile cast but for the sake of the effort put into presenting a story that is 'a little' different, lets hope it runs.

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