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Mr. Nookayya

Mr. Nookayya

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Directed by : Ani Kanneganti

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  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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Mr. Nookayya is a small mobile phone thief. At one point, he decides to settle down but for that he needs to commit one last theft. He comes across Anu, who is carrying a hefty two crores amount with her. Mr. Nookayya steals her money but gets cheated by one of his friends. He meets Anu again and comes to know that her husban...more

Mr. Nookayya Credit & Casting

Manchu Manoj


Mr. Nookayya Audience Review

Action Packed Entertainer

Rated 2.0 / 5
by Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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One man who deserves to be applauded is most definitely Manchu Manoj, for his performance in the film. Yes, undoubtedly this is one of the best action films in Telugu cinema in a long time, sans no intelligence. The film stays true to the tag line of No caption, only action.

Manoj plays a cell phone thief who calls himself Nokia. His two accomplices are Nampally and Charger, are his childhood friends and orphans just like him. Nokias love interest is Sana Khan, a waitress in a local pub. Anuradha, a newly-wed bank manager is tested when her husband gets kidnapped by a local baddie headed by Shajahan, who demands a ransom of 2 crores. The two stories overlap and does Anu gets her husband back is what follows through the rest of the story.

The twists in the film keeps you alive through some part of the film but the boring narrative puts you to sleep for the rest of the part. The films builds momentum gradually however fails to maintain till the end; sloppy climax makes the whole irksome and boring. The direction is poised with attitude but the absence of wit and knack becomes the biggest disappointment.

Manoj stands out from the cast and shows maturity in his role however the lack of maturity in the script makes his effort futile. He carries raw cheerfulness which seems to go pretty well with his role in the film. His involvement and dedication especially in action sequences are the biggest highlights of the film. Sana Khan as Manojs love has hardly any role to play; her role was minimal to shed clothes and provide one and all with the oomph. Kriti manages to entice everybody with her performance as a hysterical wife desperate to get her husband back.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is average, nowhere close to what hes regarded for in the film industry. Cinematography is way better than all other departments put together. The snazzy animation and visual effects bring life into the film but fail to add energy.

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