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3.7 158 Ratings

Directed by : Prashanth Mandava

Release Date : | Length : 150 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 2.5/5
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Prathinidhi is an action-drama movie directed by Prashanth Mandava and stars Nara Rohit in the lead role

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Nara Rohit

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Nope. Not good.

Rated 2.0 / 5

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We have, to our knowledge, a rich history of polity and filmmaking that despite the best efforts, remain in obscurity, like the best of any human effort. History keeps its gems hidden that way.

Keeping this in mind, it is not hard for us to guess why films based on "revolutions" or change happen to be downright disrespectful of the idea of revolution. Pratinidhi is one such case.

A man whose frustrations top the limits after a visit to the bank decides to abduct a Chief Minister ( they make it seem like picking a mango from a tree, its that easy apparently, even in the world of fiction) and holds him to ransom a set of demands.

Great idea.

But the demands our kidnapper makes are highly stupid and impossible, like asking for a reset of oil prices or chaging the templates of our currency. In this shrill cacophony of disorderly thinking ( its what the mediocre think of revolutions..that establishments can be brought to their knees by making a few foolish demands..) we see that our abductor has a back story, another miserable plot we must swallow to keep our interests alive.

This is the story of Pratinidhi. A frustrated young man who stages a kidnap and makes a few frustrating foolish demands to facilitate the change he wished to see in the society.

The film was directed by Prashanth Mandava with Nara Rohith as the lead. Shubra Aiyappa plays a small, unnecessary role in an other wise patriarchal, male-ego dominated film. Everything wasboring and super ordinary. Kota Srinivas Rao as the Chief Minister, Posani Krishna as a police commissioner, play their tailored, recycled roles. I guess this is an indsutry after all.

It is because our ideas of politics are so mediocre, we continue to win sheerly by numbers. Its the law of averages at work. Our films about politics are mostly myopic, lack any form of useful discourse and continue to stress upon leadership rather than community effort ( we, as a race, place an unwarranted trust in leadership. History stands as proof. )

History, in the future, will also record how we have never managed to succeed at the most creative mode of communication i.e; storytelling and how we were always happy watching the same mediocre circus over and over again.

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