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Psycho (Telugu)

Psycho (Telugu)

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Directed by : Kishore Bhargav

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Psycho is a comedy-drama movie directed by Kishore Bhargav and stars Priyanka Kothari in the lead role

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Priyanka Kothari


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Rogue methodology goes topsy-turvy!!

Rated 1.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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What comes as a surprise is a film with a big name attached; comes and goes unnoticed. No promotion, no buzz and no one knows there exists such a film. Why someone like RGV is backing this film? The makers didn't want to invest an iota on promotions, so I walked into the cinema without much expectation. But I was not privy to the fact that I would go through a psychotic assault of my senses.

Another film directed by an RGV protege Kishore Bhargava hit the screens. Like evey other film Psycho starts with a promising premise. The entire movie revolves around two characters - Meera (Priyanka Kothari) and the psycho stalking her. What starts as a petty follow-a-girl thing translates into a serious tale of torture. Meera tries to take the help of others and even knocks the door of police, but to no avail. How she comes out of this mess? or will she come out of it or not forms the story.

The movie is made on a shoe string budget so don't expect decent prodcution values. Though it deals with a burning problem and on the poster it says it's a must watch for every girl. But it's not satiating across the faculties of film-making. The director couldn't capitalize on the subject he chose and the promising start he made in the initial part of the film. So, it eventually gets into the space of boredom and irritation.

RGV ventured into 'rogue methodoly' in the movie Department, earned the wrath of audience for his novel yet uncanny effort. Bhargava took a leaf from that and follwed the same approch in this film. That's the reason for headache. The franctic camera movement doesn't keep your eyeballs at rest.

Kothari delivers a convincing performance. She plays her part perfectly. The stalker is also apt in the role. Milind Gunaji is grossly wasted in a cameo. There are hardly other characters who make a mark.

The saving grace of this film is its short run time. The climax is strikingly unconventional and far-fetched. It's better RGV and his team stays away from this rogue methodology and the idea of creating a visual schematic for movies.

Please stay away from Psycho and save yourself from getting trapped in the vortex of psychosis.

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