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Directed by : Ram Gopal Varma

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Rowdy is an upcoming action entertainer written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. It stars Mohan Babu, Jayasudha, Vishnu and Shanvi.


“Mirchi has a revenge plot with nothing new to offer. Although the story line falls short of expectation, Mohan Babu's performance makes enough to makes it a onetime watch.”

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Road Gone Vary

Rated 2.0 / 5
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Being a fan is skewing your thought. You like an artist's work in some of his films and secretly hoping for more and more you get into arguments with people who are not fans and you probably will start fighting for the artist's integrity and skill while not being totally true to yourself. After you've done this to yourself for long enough you are skewed, sub-consciously. A fan can and should understand the changes in an artist's life and work, but, the change being the artist's hurried disrespect for his own work, I don't know, doesn't feel great.

Like he does every third or fourth film, our man did bring forth an interesting idea again - the casting primarily. The relief of one of our most mainstream members trying to do some serious work. Rowdy is a telugised recreation of Sarkar set in the faction world, that much was evident from the coffee sipping shot in the trailer anyways. So, a powerful family headed by Anna (Mohan Babu) faces repeated slaughter attempts because of Anna's strong contention against a certain government project that would displace many a villages. A group of villains plan and plan and plan to kill Anna while taking orders from a sir who is not revealed till the end. The rotten son (Kishore playing Bhushan) of the family joins hands with these guys to kill the dad he's not a fan of while the good son (Vishnu playing Krishna) tries to save the family. The good son even had a little slo-mo song full of some sort of paint and the navel of the girl he loves, I've never seen such navel close ups and there's water spilling on her through out, the slo-mo makes it look all sticky fluid like.

The plot, too basic. Action sequences, ineffective except for a few moments. Performances, again, there were moments, that's all. Score, over punctuated. Cinematography, interesting. Edit, loose. The popular silences of his films, too little. The dialogue, trying too hard to be overly simple, didn't sell. The film, disappointing.

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