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Directed by : Boyapati Seenu

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  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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Sarainodu is an Telugu language action-masala film written and directed by Boyapati Srinu.


“Sarrainodu slips into the zone of style sans substance”

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Allu Arjun


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Brand Boyapati - Style sans substance!

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Raja Satish (50 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Hmmm… So Boyapati Srinu is back after two years. Unlike in his regular outings, this time he joined hands with Allu Arjun (Bunny) and as the slick trailer shows it all, he reeks out the mass overtures in every frame. The director has a dubious distinction of repeating the stories but patching them with an engaging narration. This time around, he sticks to the same template of a 'problem' and an individual beating all the odds to 'solve' it. In the process, he crosses paths with all the goons and bad elements in the proceedings. That's the mix Boyapati throws at you always. A slight tweak he has made in Sarrainodu is to lace it with bits-and-pieces of comedy. Of course, you have to exploit the comic side of Bunny.

Now that we got the message clear that there is hardly anything in the story department, the focus has to shift to other ingredients that make a movie. You give a clinical opening where the hero saves someone to establish the fact of being a good samaritan. Don't know why the Telugu commercial hero should always be jobless, esp. when it's played by Bunny. Time and again, you reiterate the fact that the hero is the only one who can make a dent to the system. You won't stop there, and ask the supporting cast to sing hymns about his noble doings. Isn't it time to move on?

One heroine is an MLA and the hero runs after her - incredible, but true. The other one gives a brief appearance in the first half, so you know that she will take the centre stage in the later half. When in doubt, you will add Brahmanadam to the milieu and that's the best part of the film. What a relief with those oodles of comedy. Then there are songs that bleed artificial colors but are shot well. Just one of them fell out of place. The villain played by Adi Pinishetty is borderline menacing but won't give that killer blow needed for an antagonist.

The film lies tall on the shoulders of Allu Arjun. You feel he is Sarrainodu for that role. He doubles up as a comedian too. Boyapati Srinu has left no stone unturned to get the hero a slick look and make him do what he is known for - dance, fight and mouth comic liners that can't resist you from blowing whistles. The opening credits show that there are many people involved in producing dances and fights to good effect. That's palatable to an extent but why the overdrawn fight sequences. One scene gives a commentary on brands - made in Japan, China, America etc. So, this must be Brand Boyapati - made for Telugu.

Sarrainodu has a bearable first half filled with comedy and an emotional handle that opens the doors of many sub-plots at a later time. It's packed with chic visuals, heroic elements and funny moments, but marred by loosely written scenes, heavy dose of violence and overstretched episodes toward the climax. You want the film to end at a point in time, but it goes on and on. Alaa saaaaaaaaaaaaaaagipotundi.

P.S. I couldn't figure out why there are two Rs in the title.