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Yamaleela 2

Yamaleela 2

3.0 572 Ratings

Directed by : S V Krishna Reddy

Release Date : | Length : 142 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.1/5
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Directed by SV Krishna Reddy, Yamaleela 2 is a sequel to the earlier Ali-Indraja starrer Yamaleela by the same storyteller himself which has consistently sustained its tag of being a cult comedy film. Mohan Babu will be reprising the role of Yama which was earlier donned by Kaikala Sathyanarayana.


“Outdated narration and cliched scenes ruin not only this movie but also the wonderful memories of its predecessor. ”

Yamaleela 2 Audience Review

Running into a brick wall and lying unconscious for a day is not the worst option anymore!

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Yamaleela 2 is the story of a Guinness record - of how one dumb oncologist whose face has fewer expressions than that of the mannequins in showrooms, manages to find the treatment for Leukemia within a month. There are average movies. Then there are bad movies. Then like Brad Pitt would say in Moneyball, there is 50 meters of shit. Then there are terrible movies. Somewhere below that you might find the DVD of Yamaleela 2. Words fail to express the disappointment one would feel when they realize they spent their hard-earned money to come and watch a movie as this. Given it comes from a once-acclaimed director S V Krishna Reddy, families might have considered this, their weekend entertainment. You know what? You could just stay at home and watch whatever is aired on TV or probably rent a Yamaleela DVD, the first one, the original blockbuster.

Yamaleela 2 has Telugu speaking sardarjis who speak in broken Hindi, business magnates committing crime in front of their huge offices in broad daylight, laser rays coming from the temple roof to split coconuts and once you accept all this as fine, given it is the story of Yama, Chitragupta and how they lost that awesome future-predictor(yes, again! Lousy I know - why don't they just keep a backup), the actual rubbish of the movie sinks in. That involves a 6 year old kid, singing classical music with a voice that no 6 year old kid ever had in the history of the universe, who suffers from leukemia. Her uncle is an oncologist, who mistakes the profession of an oncologist as someone who does something in some lab - you know titrations we did in our chemistry labs. You get the drift? Meanwhile he has another assistant, a young looking girl who has already been researching about leukemia. Together they first shoot a Kerala - God's Own Country ad, while looking for Sanjeevani. They bring that plant, grind it, add some more liquids - shake and stir - lo and behold - blue color solution that can treat cancer. Without any tests whatsoever, apart from one video of how that solution just kills leukemia in the body with the ease with which Harpic cleans your toilets - you got to be confident bro - they inject this chemical shit into the kid's body. Meanwhile, the kid is awesome too. After all who sings classical bhajans with full emotion, gamakas, swaras and feel when she has just been given a painful injection? All this while, our hero is still figuring out how to twist his impenetrable face into at least one expression.

In this amazing journey of his, he manages to deliver the worst dialogue ever delivered in Tollywood history as well. Yep, even by the standards of a movie where the hero goes from Kerala to Himalayas and back in less than 3 days in a jeep. But, all hell is yet to break loose. Skiing through the icy mountains, getting that awesome future predictor while Yama is having some fun with hot heavenly women (oh yes, why miss the chance for an item song), he comes back and finishes all business. The struggle starts. Yama and Chitragupta have lost all their powers and have the massive job of finding the book. Apparently, even their brains don't work without their powers. So much for being godly. Mohan Babu as Yama and Brahmanandam as Chitragupta are tiring in most scenes, doing spoof stuff around sequences of the original Yamaleela and managing to give you facepalm moments with the speed of a bullet train. Amidst all this, there is another Nisha Kothari (now Priyanka Kothari) item song. To know how it all ends, you have got to watch this movie. After all, where else would you see so much insanity and mindlessness packed into 2 hours? I mean, how did one not realize in the first 2 minutes of the movie that this is going to be one epic shit? Actors like Sayaji Shinde and Ashish Vidyarthi were performing roles so dumb, they could be sleepwalking in some midnight TV infomercial. Add to that badly choreographed bad songs and terrible graphics that are worse than Buzzfeed's list of Photoshopping fails and you have a painful experience to deal with.

By the end of this horrible movie, your appetite for movies will be exponentially reduced. Suddenly you will realize that running full steam into a brick wall, smashing your head and then lying unconscious for a day or two is not such a bad option!

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