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  • Attack on senses!!

    Raja Satish (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - April 01, 2016 19:36 PM IST
    2.8DM (375 ratings)

    Verdict - A typical RGV-esque The Godfather template that gets a rinse and repeat like never before.

    AttackWatch trailerRelease date : April 01, 2016

    In a scene in RGV's Attack, one of the characters discloses the antagonist's links with Mumbai underworld for his fluency in Hindi. Hope he meant the same for someone's knowledge of Italian and roots them to Italian mafia. That's the immature spin-off RGV dishes out in this film. All these shine in a series of crosses and double crosses laced with utmost predictability to fill the typical RGV-esque The Godfather template.

    The head of the family gets killed in an overstretched episode and the elder brother goes on a rampage to eliminate the men behind it. In this process, he becomes victim to the rival gang. Then the younger brother takes the mantle to get the 'revenge' ball rolling. There's another brother who is just a silent spectator. Do you see few similarities with RGV's Rowdy? Why just that one film, the plot is similar to many other films of RGV and he never gets bored or tired to repeat them.

    Prakash Raj forms the sheet anchor of Attack with his multiple appearances in flashback episodes. Next in line is Jagapathi Babu, who stays for few minutes with his magnetic presence. From then, it's all Manchu Manoj's show till the climax. Abhimanyu Singh as the antagonist is borderline funny. However, many of the crucial scenes he's part of - are silly to the core. The female actors merely remain as caricatures. Surabhi forcefully walks into few scenes saying the same, cliched lines of staying out of the crime world. The other characters who are initially not visible, offer no surprise when they are revealed later on.

    Few things that stand out in Attack, and also qualify for better ratings are the drone shots for the aerial view of the city and an adeptly executed rain sequence. Barring which, there's nothing much to talk about the film. The blink-and-miss appearances of senior actors won't add any value to the narrative. Rest all are amateurs with no lines to talk and no significant scenes to act. On one side, the uncanny camera angles blur your visual sense and on the other, the jarring soundtrack kills your auditory faculty. That's typical RGV, you have to take it.

    If you are an RGV fan boy, you will enjoy few scenes and go gaga over the technique. However, he is using it so repeatedly without any innovation, except for his newly found love for the drone cam. It's high-time for him to gear up and stop going downhill with every film!

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