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  • Spoof-Comedy Crass Hits a New Low

    Krishna Sripada (72 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - June 12, 2014 14:31 PM IST
    3.0DM (588 ratings)

    Verdict - It is a movie made by those who don’t take movies seriously for those who don’t take movies seriously.

    Jump JilaniWatch trailerRelease date : June 12, 2014

    Almost every city has a local market, the kind of market where you could find unrefined, cheaper versions of all kinds of products. Even in Telugu movies, there is a genre that caters to a lower grade of comedy, largely spun around the comedy plots in big budget movies (with their own depleting standards). Jump Jilani is another offering from that market targeted at anyone who has a few hours to kill. Allari Naresh usually stars in low-budget satires and spoofs woven around big budget movies, with interesting punch-lines, innuendos and skit-like, slapstick comedy, a complete platter for a parody lover. However, this one is so mindless you cannot categorize it as anything but crass cinema. You go in for a few laughs, but if you are a sensible movie lover, you should consider yourself lucky, if you don't end up in depression by the end of the movie.

    Starring Isha Chawla and a slew of distinguished artists such as Kota Srinivas Rao, Posani, MS Narayana, JP and Rao Ramesh, the movie revolves around Naresh's double role (Ram Babu and Satti Babu), two guys who have a thing for out-of-fashion clothes and terrible sunglasses. While one is innocent and naive, the other is a pickpocket. The innocent lad, who has nothing to boast of but a hotel running in losses, falls in love with Madhavi, a health officer who serves notice to his hotel. Song. Through a series of unfortunate events (for the audience), Madhavi too happens to fall for Ram Babu - a little too hard to believe, but you have got to live with it. Another song. Meanwhile, their cousin Ganga falls for Satti Babu, who returns from jail. Creativity alert - it is the jailor who lets him go after losing a game of cards to him.

    Anyways, thanks to a brilliant idea from Ram Babu, they turn the hotel into a traditional South Indian restaurant serving healthy food. One more song. Everyone is happy. Now for the routine twists!

    Rao Ramesh plays a brilliant businessman who burns down his own store for insurance, while converting all jewellery into diamonds. He inexplicably loses his brain, metaphorically speaking, because he decides to hand a phone hiding those diamonds, to his extremely naive and lecherous relative, for safekeeping. He loses it as expected, the phone changing several hands and eventually falling in Ram Babu's hands. Meanwhile, there is a cop who eyes Ram Babu's land and sketches a plot to swindle it. As if the audience' brain hasn't been fried satisfactorily, Madhavi's cousin, Ugra Narsimha Reddy (Posani) intends to marry her. A fake factionist who spends money to create his own reputation (even factionists need PR these days), he gives jitters to Ram Babu who has the unenviable job of going to Madhavi's village and elope with her. More comedy ensues as Ugra's obese cousin is in love with him, making his maternal uncle plot to kidnap Madhavi. Who gets the girl, who gets the diamonds and who gets the dog bites makes for the rest of the movie. The audience gets the slap, for deciding to spend on this movie. But, I guess, they asked for it.

    The movie fits into the standard crass, low budget comedy stereotype with punch-lines, songs and mind-numbing plot twists aimed at creating more insensible comedy. Sadly, most actors featuring in the movie are good actors, which means they manage to play their roles perfectly - from the over-lucky hero to the heroine who has no choice but to fall for him, the comical villains and the insane sidekicks. Some of these movies (like Naresh's Sudigadu) manage to be funny thanks largely to the dialogues. This one had dialogues which were such PJs, they were probably written by a sulking non-interested writer suffering from a mental block. It is a movie you are better off watching on TV if you really are keen to test your tolerance to bad cinema.

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  • Krishna Sripada

    Krishna Sripada

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    Rated 1.5June 12, 2014

    Spoof-Comedy Crass Hits a New Low

    Almost every city has a local market, the kind of market where you could find unrefined, cheaper versions of all kinds of products. Even in Telugu ...read more