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  • Comedy deprived of logic

    Rajiv Menon (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - December 27, 2012 18:35 PM IST
    3.5DM (424 ratings)

    Verdict - Trash it

    Yamudiki MoguduWatch trailerRelease date : December 27, 2012

    “Yamudiki Mogudu” is an unsatisfying rehash of several films based on Yama released over the years. Even though the film promises good scope for comedy, yet the film falls short of being called a wholesome entertainer a la Naresh's “Sudigadu”.

    A baby is presented with life without being written its fate, bestowing it with the power to make every wish come true and thus causing havoc in devalok. Fearing Naresh will take full advantage of the power when he comes to learn about it, devatas seek the help of Lord Brahma, who, in turn clarifies that it's the duty of Yama.

    When Yama is called to handle the matter, he shows reluctance thus irking Narada in the process. Narada sends Yamaja, daughter of Yama to travel to bhoolak in an effort to woo Naresh and make him fall for her. As anticipated, Naresh falls in love with Yamaja, only to make Yama furious. Yama comes to bhoolok and takes her daughter back to Yamlok, and to follow them is Naresh.

    How did Naresh fight Yama and win back his love forms the rest of the story?

    There's no logic in the plot and it stinks of clichxe9s. The film to some extent attempts to cash in on the popularity of the title of the film and Naresh's image in the market now. According to the makers of the film, Naresh has the power to make any of his wish come true, but then I wonder if that's the case how could've flunked in college? Comedy appears senseless and doesn't entertain as much as one would've anticipated.

    So many veteran actors such as Sathyanarayana and S.V Rangarao have played the role of Yama with precision and ease over the years, but watching Sayaji Shinde repeat the same role was unsatisfactory. Sayaji is undoubtedly a better actor but he just doesn't suit the role of Yama.

    Some of the perquisites to play the role of Yama include good command over Telugu and the pronunciation of the dictions with finesse. Unfortunately, Sayaji lacks both and therefore to accept him as Yama in the film becomes little too tedious.

    Naresh was as usual at his best, while Richa Panai tries to show some signs of confidence in her role, but doesn't quite impress on the whole. Sattibabu's direction lacks purpose and most importantly has no sense of responsibility over the film.

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